Samsung Electronics Australia has announced to us here at STG the local launch of Space, a stylish and adjustable monitor designed to help Australians enjoy tidy and productive workstations.

Samsung Space leverages its sleek design to allow users to adjust the screen’s positioning for maximum comfort, allowing for greater focus and immersion. Its unique stand includes a minimalist, fully-integrated clamp that grips to the back of the desk, allowing the screen to tilt back and forth, while freeing up desk space for optimal user productivity. To further enhance its true minimalistic design, cable clutter is reduced with the power and HDMI cords running together through the arm for a clean look.

Samsung Space Monitor

Space introduces an elegant new form factor, starting a brand new category for monitors,” said Phil Gaut, Director of Display and Memory Solutions, Samsung Australia. “With its unique arm design freeing up desk real estate previously occupied by monitor stands, Space gives Australians the minimalist style and flexibility to get their work done.”

Available in two sizes – a 32-inch model that delivers content in stunning 4K UHD and a 27-inch model with QHD resolution for incredibly detailed, pin-sharp images – Space is a feature-rich, high-performance screen solution.

This innovative design is perfectly suited to the needs of Australian office workers, almost a quarter of whom admit to having a messy workspace according to Samsung’s research.[1] The research also reveals this can be a source of tension between colleagues as an even larger proportion (34%) confess to being bothered by their co-worker’s messy desks, while 60% believe that the state of someone’s work desk reflects who they are as person.

Samsung Space Monitor

Further, those in the tidy desk camp can feel distracted, anxious, and nervous about the standard of work their messy co-workers produce and at times must resist the urge to clean their colleagues’ workspaces.

With the recent rise in Australian awareness of the KonMari method and the minimalist movement, 83% of research respondents believe that those with clean desks are more organised and pragmatic. The Samsung Space is designed to help address workspace issues and could assist with reducing anxiety by empowering Australians to maximise their productivity through optimised workspaces with reduced clutter.

“Many Australians are looking to adopt a tidier, more streamlined approach to work and their desk space, and the Samsung Space is a new option for workplaces to consider. It may even help Aussies to spark a little more joy at the office,” said Gaut.

The Samsung Space has an RRP of $999.00 AUD for the 32-inch model and RRP $799.00 AUD for the 27-inch model. Available now from the Samsung Australia website and select retail partners.

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