Samsung Active 2 Smartwatch
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Samsung Active2 Smartwatch Review

Samsung innovate. They are THE pioneers of smart wearables, it was the rise of Android based phones from 2008 where the first Samsung smartwatches clasped on to the wrists of the tech savvy. Soon it was not... See More...
Galaxy A90 5G

Experience the New Era of Live

Samsung Electronics has unveiled their launch of the Galaxy A90 5G – the latest addition to the Galaxy A family with 5G connectivity. Made for digital natives living in the Era of Live, the Galaxy A90 5G ... See More...
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
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Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Review

There’s a reason that Samsung have been at the top of the Android game for a very, very long time. Well, there’s a few reasons, but one that stands out every year for me is the annual update of their flagshi... See More...
Samsung Galaxy Note10

Note 10. Now.

Galaxy Note fans rejoice as today Samsung Electronics unveiled the Galaxy Note10, the latest model in Samsung’s line of premium smartphones that combines elegant design with powerful performance and productiv... See More...
Samsung Portable SSD T5
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Samsung Portable SSD T5 Review

You can never have enough hard drive space. Unfortunately, neither Microsoft or Sony really thought about this when designing their latest consoles. Both the PS4 and the Xbox One install games on hard drive r... See More...
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Samsung A50 Smartphone Review

Year upon year the lines are becoming more blurred between mid-range and high end smart devices. Samsung have never been afraid to push the techie envelope and try out initiatives, forge ahead no matter wh... See More...
Samsung QLDE 8K Q900
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Samsung Q900R Smart TV Review

Samsung make the smart TV even smarter. Their highly prized (and priced) Q Series of QLED teles are the absolute focus point of anyone’s living room or games room. Varying in size from 55 inch through t... See More...
Samsung Space Monitor

Reclaim Your Desk

Samsung Electronics Australia has announced to us here at STG the local launch of Space, a stylish and adjustable monitor designed to help Australians enjoy tidy and productive workstations. Samsung Space le... See More...