Samsung Space Monitor

Reclaim Your Desk

Samsung Electronics Australia has announced to us here at STG the local launch of Space, a stylish and adjustable monitor designed to help Australians enjoy tidy and productive workstations. Samsung Space le... See More...
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TCL Android Smart TV Review

The screen time battle just got hotter in New Zealand. Big in the States and a staple home consumer brand; TCL are manufacturers of whiteware, small appliances, smart TVs and even mobile phones. TCL have bo... See More...

Samsung’s New 2019 Monitors

Samsung Electronics has unveiled three new monitors: the modern and minimalist Space Monitor, the CRG9 designed for an unparalleled gaming experience and the UR59C, a stunning 4K UHD curved monitor ideal for ... See More...
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Samsung Q9F Smart TV Review

The way we consume entertainment has drastically changed and evolved over the past few years. Around the mid 2010's maunfacturers of the good ole home televsions began integrating web Apps in to their devi... See More...