You do not need limbs to be a legendary gaming icon.

Rayman has outwitted the critics from back in the day to become one of the most known gaming franchises.

Even expanding its character base over to standalone Rabbids titles.

Rayman Origins is the latest offering and over the last few months has done exceedingly well   on home console (PS3, 360, Wii).

Now you can take Rayman with you wherever you go, Origins is on the Vita.

Cell shaded and 2D stylized platforming, it really takes gaming back to its roots with High Definition style.

Rayman lives in harmony, mostly, in the Glade of Dreams. An idyllic, lush utopia where he and his friend Globox can bubble dream away.

But the idyllic utopia becomes invaded and rather quickly overrun by Darktoons.

Rayman and Co’s mega loud snoring echoes down through the snoring tree, annoying a Granny from the land of the Livid Dead.

When she can take no more she sends an army of frightful beings and Darktoons across the world to capture the Electoons and imprisoning Betilla the Nymph and her sisters.

The Glade turns into a turmoil of trouble.

At first Rayman and his friends are captured, but mange to escape. Caster Teensy (a Magician) tasks Rayman with rescuing the Electoons, stopping the nightmares of the Bubble Dreamers and, hopefully, restoring order to the Glade of Dreams.

But is this Magician actually on your side?

60 vivid cartoon detailed Levels within 12 environments are on offer with over 100 different characters. Along with side Missions, that are collectable specific, more Levels open up for you. For example if you collect the ten Ruby Teeth throughout the game, you can play in the Land of the Livid Dead, battling against a unique Boss specific to that Level.

All of the originals are back, including Mr. Dark, from the original Rayman game from the 90’s. As you work your way through more playable characters become available. To change characters you have to go back to the Glade and change to the specific character that you want to use. All characters are locked into bubbles and only become available after the right amount of Lums or Electoons are freed or collected.

Each character has their own specific skills, and by opting for a different character you can then replay a Level that you may have otherwise completed, and find that there are more paths that you can get to.

Taking down enemies throughout the game is a no brainer, and you have two options to do so. In one hit they will blow up into a bubble and begin to float upwards. If you can hit them again you earn bonus Lums.

Your Level stats are tallied up at the conclusion of each environment. If you have done exceedingly well, more Bonuses open up for you.

While the majority of gameplay is 2D side scroll, like the good ole days, there are Levels where you will be airborne on the back of the mosquito, you will wall running, swimming and so on.

In co-op, if a character is attacked, you can bring them back to life by slapping them. They (and you) also become a floating bubble when taken down.

Social gaming is made by way of the Vita’s ‘Near’ feature, enabling your Rayman Origins equipped pals to join you in your quest for Electoon freedom and Lum acquiring or use Ghost Mode to get the best time(s) for any given Levels.

Touch gestures have been added to the Vita port by way of a zoom function and offers a new way of collecting Lums and enemy takedowns.

Epic boss battles await, my personal favourite was the defeating of a giant yellow bird.

A solid and fulfilling (also lengthy) play, although originally a home console title, Rayman Origins is at home on the mobile gaming platform.

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Genre: Action / Platform

Platform: Playstation Vita

Publisher: Ubisoft

No. of Players: 1