Huawei Watch GT - 2018

Huawei Watch GT (2018) Review

Australian readers may be interested to know that Huawei are giving away their Huawei Watch GT with purchases of their superb Mate20 Pro mobile phones. STG’s Senior Editor in Australia, Darren Price, has been...
The Predator (2018)
Final Verdict

The Predator (Blu-Ray) Review

The Predator is faced with a problem from the start. How do you reboot a franchise without alienating either the fans of the original and a new audience who see the original film as nothing but 80s shtick? ...
Hitman 2 IO Interactive
Final Verdict

Hitman 2 (PC) Review

IO Interactive’s sudden departure from Square Enix, taking their Hitman franchise with them, was a surprise. Whilst the episodic nature of the game wasn’t to everybody’s taste, 2016’s Hitman was a solid entry...

Safety first with Fone King

A recent NRMA study has revealed that almost three quarters of Australians ranked illegal phone use as their biggest fear. In turn this has led to a stronger police presence to tackle this problem. Now wit...