It’s finally here. The day you are going to leave Deponia. You need to gather a few essentials to complete you packing and then that’s it. Deponia is a memory…

Indie developers, Daedelic have bought the 2012 PC point and click cartoon styled game to Apple devices in a most beautifully details and highly rendered masterpiece that is befitting to the iPad or iPhone.


The game gives you a bit of a background story when you start setting the narrative for the 10 plus hours of solid game play. You are Rufus an ill tempered chap who has the aim to leave his wasteland of a home behind to seek new fresher pastures. Rufus is not a pleasant guy at all and and fueled with an inflated ego.

Like all of us at one time or another he dreams of a better life. His sights are set (a little too high) on the floating cities of wealth and beauty high above the planet surface. When a angelic Goal falls from these privileged spheres down into a neighboring trash heap, Rufus sees his chance.


He decides to take the unconscious goddess back to her floating homeland, where he discovers he is the spitting image of her upper-class husband. Rufus soon notches together a plan of deception, which will take the story through a twisted and comedic journey, pulling you into the game.

Gameplay is not that much different from the PC version. It is still point and click, your finger replacing the mouse and cursor.

To move Rufus around tap the screen of your iPhone or iPad and to interact with items or objects in the environment simply tap on those aswell.

You also boast an Inventory to the lower right of your screen and using items within is a no brainer.


Daedelic have done a fantastic job of porting this game over and Deponia looks and feels natural to touch devices. Throughout my playthrough I found the entire story so well told that before I knew it, I had been playing for hours. A down on his luck nobody with dreams of grandeur, an unobtainable girl falls in to his lap and the only way he can make things go his way (which they hardly ever do) is to be someone he isn’t and seize any opportunity open to him.

Rufus is such a relate-able character and there will be laugh out loud moments.


Hand painted detailed backgrounds and seamless animation with fluid gameplay makes Deponia a definite must for any tablet and mobile gamer.

The most beautiful and beautifully told game for iOS yet.

Deponia iOS Review
4.5Overall Score
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