Captain Marvel
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Captain Marvel (Marvel Studios) Review

Captain Marvel is here to deliver not only the final piece of the Avengers ensemble before Endgame but also debut the most powerful member of an already superhuman squad. The movie also claims the privilege o...
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Aquaman (Warner Bros. – 2018) Review

I’ve been really excited to sea Aquaman ever since the trailers starting washing over the world. A fresh new take on an arguably less popular superhero was 'shore' to make a splash especially with Jason Mo...
robin hood 2018
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Robin Hood (StudioCanal – 2018) Review

The tale of Robin Hood is an absolute classic that everyone knows or can at least summarise with a single sentence - steal from the rich and give to the poor! As long as you have that essence of the story...
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Venom (Marvel Films – 2018) Review

Venom has been the coolest Spider-Man villain since the webslinger first encountered him. In my eyes Venom is to Spider-Man as Joker is to Batman. This is an absolutely massive character to see on the big...
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The Predator (20th Century Fox) Review

Growing up I was just a little bit too young to see the original Predator film when it released. That said I was the ripe age of 13 when Alien vs Predator came to cinemas and it was so much fun I decided to g...
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Hereditary (StudioCanal) Review

I am an absolute HUGE fan of horror movies, especially ones that don’t rely on jump scares. So naturally I was really excited to see Hereditary. I knew almost nothing about the movie going in, I had only hear...