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Venom (Marvel Films – 2018) Review

Venom has been the coolest Spider-Man villain since the webslinger first encountered him. In my eyes Venom is to Spider-Man as Joker is to Batman. This is an absolutely massive character to see on the big...
Final Verdict

The Predator (20th Century Fox) Review

Growing up I was just a little bit too young to see the original Predator film when it released. That said I was the ripe age of 13 when Alien vs Predator came to cinemas and it was so much fun I decided to g...
Final Verdict

Hereditary (StudioCanal) Review

I am an absolute HUGE fan of horror movies, especially ones that don’t rely on jump scares. So naturally I was really excited to see Hereditary. I knew almost nothing about the movie going in, I had only hear...