The tale of Robin Hood is an absolute classic that everyone knows or can at least summarise with a single sentence – steal from the rich and give to the poor!

As long as you have that essence of the story then you have Robin Hood. There’s a lot you can do with this idea, my favourite being the cartoon version with all the characters as animals. Robin Hood (2018) seems to promise a more realistic take on the charming vigilante. 

robin hood 2018

The movie is quite slow to get to the actual Robin Hood part and the origin tale isn’t all that exciting or fun. Once you’re finally into the swing of things and experiencing some justice against the rich, none of the heists bring anything new to the cinematic world. 

A huge issue I found was that I could easily predict what was going to happen and I didn’t even feel clever when I was right. This was especially true during any of the “tense” action scenes which honestly just used tropes you’ve seen before so many times. It’s really disappointing because a lot of cool things can be done with a swift archer guy compared to the standard sword and board, yet time again Robin Hood shoots another guard with an arrow point blank.

Some of the character portrayals were definitely trying to keep this movie afloat. Tim Minchin as Friar Tuck and Ben Mendelsohn as the Sheriff of Nottingham both stood out as doing their characters justice. I’m not sure if Friar Tuck is meant to be a funny character but I didn’t care because I enjoyed it anyway. I want to praise Jaime Foxx too and I’m sure he did his best but the writing felt like a handicap that no actor could overcome to make John a compelling character.

Look, I really wanted to enjoy a new Robin Hood movie, I really did, however what I ended up seeing instead felt like a rushed and forgettable action movie. It truly felt like I was back in 2005 watching the Wednesday featured film after dinner with my family, except a little prettier I guess. I felt robbed and not the exciting “give to the poor” kind.

Robin Hood (StudioCanal – 2018) Review
Film Details

Year: 2018
Rating: M15+
Running Time: 116 MIN
Genre: Action
Director: Otto Bathurst
Starring: Taron Egerton, Jamie Foxx, Ben Mendelsohn, Eve Hewson, Tim Minchin, Jamie Dornan
Production Studio: Summit Entertainment, Appian Way Productions, Safehouse Pictures, Thunder Road Films
Distributor: StudioCanal</p

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