Konami’s latest addition to an already extensive catalogue brings a fresh and lively feel to arcade gaming while also maintaining all the nostalgic charm of it’s predecessors.

This much was instantly apparent upon launching into the brightly-coloured and vibrant world of Super Crazy Rhythm Castle.

Ruled by the wicked King Ferdinand, your most important objective is to focus on the rhythm while he does everything he can to distract and derail you along your way using an assortment of traps, tests and tricks.

Super Crazy Rhythm Castle

With a choice between four quirky characters: Trinity, B. Box, Jingle and Mike – you have the option of embarking on your adventure solo or with up to three friends. Though it may seem like a simple family-friendly game, do not be fooled! Give it a few goes and you will soon see Super Crazy Rhythm Castle is a lot trickier than your first impressions might have you prepared for.

Bursting with hidden puzzles and challenges at every turn, this one is perfect for anyone already fond of games like Crash Bandicoot and /or Guitar Hero.

Super Crazy Rhythm Castle

In fact, I’d go as far as to say that if the two had been chopped up and put through a blender – Super Crazy Rhythm Castle would be the delightful end result.

I could see the game just as much fitting in as an icebreaker for earlybirds at a party or as an after-dinner favourite among housemates; packed full of colour, punch and with plenty of catchy original numbers guaranteed to hang around even after you’ve called it a night.

Be prepared to put your money where your mouth is though because Super Crazy Rhythm Castle leaves no room for error, miss a beat and you’ll find yourself falling behind faster than you can catch a breath!

Super Crazy Rhythm Castle
Super Crazy Rhythm Castle (PlayStation 5) Review
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Released: November 2023
Rating: G
Platforms reviewed: PlayStation 5
Genre: Puzzle
Developer: Second Impact Games
Publisher: Konami

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