Alone in a wooded area.

It’s not long until you come across a house down a gravel road. A house that has recently been abandoned. A house that is littered with clues as to what may have happened to its occupants. A house that gives you the first instance in to the premise of the game, the urban legend that is Slender Man.

Having recently released on Switch – Slender: The Arrival is a first person horror exploration game where you uncover the mystery of what happened in this rural wooded area full of jump scares and subliminal flashes.

This dark game will have you going from open forest areas to out buildings and more eventually giving you that ‘being watched’ feeling. Slender: The Arrival is an eerie title that aims to harness the true ‘Slender Man’ experience.

Slender: The Arrival

Objects that  you can interact with glow when you are near them and mostly they are all story specific, such as notes, letters, phone messages and similar.

However it does get repetitive very quickly and I feel that I can only recommend to those that like their open world exploration romps with a healthy dose of horror thrown in. There is no run and gunning in this opaque visually deep game – it really is just you and the environment, the ‘alone’ factor really does set in after a short while as you move throughout the narrative chapter by chapter.

Slender: The Arrival does suffer from some odd graphical anomalies. For the most part the surreal, almost white-washed overlay and super dark areas keep the mood there were too many glitches and pixelations occurring for me not to make mention of it here.

Slender: The Arrival

If you look past this though, Slender: The Arrival is a super fantastic port from PC and being that each chapter of play can be revisited, it is a perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch. Complete a segment on the go, or dock the Switch for a hours long full out Slender fest.

For optimal play you are best to experience this game within a darkened room and at least 5.1 surround, or with some decent headphones if you are playing undocked.

Slender fans are going to love it, potentially horror fans too. For me, a horror fan, it was an enjoyable play if not marred by the above mentioned glitchy bits.

Slender: The Arrival
Slender: The Arrival (Switch) Review
Game Details

Released: June 2019
Rating: R13
Platforms: Nintendo Switch
Genre: First Person, Horror
Developer: Blue Isle Studios
Publisher: Blue Isle Studios

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