Overlord 2018 J. J. Abrams
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Overlord (Paramount Pictures) Review

World War II and the Nazi’s have overtaken France. It's the eve of D-Day. 1944 U.S. airborne troops are dropped in to take down a radio jamming tower that the enemy has set up atop of a church in small town ...
Final Verdict

Halloween 2018 (Universal Pictures) Review

October 31st. This date gives most people a tinge of satisfying fear of the boogeyman. 40 years ago – it struck terror as the masked Michael Myers silently crept out on to the silver screen and introduced us...
Final Verdict

The Nun (Warner Bros.) Review

Where better for evil to hide than in a Convent. Set in the late 1940's just after WWII in small town Romania, the suicide of a young nun triggers an investigation by the Vatican. A senior priest Father Bur...