Us 2019 - Universal Pictures
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Us (Universal Pictures – 2019) Review

Is there another you? From Jordan Peele, the film maker who bought us ‘Get Out’ in 2017 pens and directs a dark thriller; Us. After a terrifying encounter at a Santa Cruz beach-side Carnival, a young Adelai...
Overlord 2018 J. J. Abrams
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Overlord (Paramount Pictures) Review

World War II and the Nazi’s have overtaken France. It's the eve of D-Day. 1944 U.S. airborne troops are dropped in to take down a radio jamming tower that the enemy has set up atop of a church in small town ...
Final Verdict

Halloween 2018 (Universal Pictures) Review

October 31st. This date gives most people a tinge of satisfying fear of the boogeyman. 40 years ago – it struck terror as the masked Michael Myers silently crept out on to the silver screen and introduced us...