Eternal damnation for your Nintendo Switch.

DOOM Eternal follows its predecessor title DOOM released on console in 2016 utilizing an aggressive push forward mechanic throughout the destroyed Earth cities and buildings.

Played in first person the story is set two years after DOOM (2016) where we see an apocalyptic world where Demons rule the the planet and have wiped out over half of the human population.

From the fiery ashes the humans that are still around grouped together and formed ARC (this faction had previously tasked themselves to stop the invasion – but failed).

ARC members are mostly in hiding and Earth is falling further in to evil.

DOOM Eternal

In steps you, the infamous Demon Slayer and you are tasked with finding and destroying three Hell Priests; Deag’s Nilox, Ranak, and Grav.

Right up front in Campaign mode you’re pretty much gifted the first Hell Priest and then it all goes on from there.

Surprisingly DOOM Eternal, being a FPS hack and slash carnage gore infested game, has a solid and deep narrative to it that compels you to play on.

Gameplay is unforgiving at times where select demonic variants can offer up their own unique challenges but also the environment, a crumbling world filled with fire and brimstone and controlled by Demons has it’s own hazards.

New Demon foes feature and a handful of the tried and true from DOOM.

DOOM Eternal

Mods are also back and when you find these scattered throughout the varying Levels are equipped to your primary weapon. You’ll also acquire the Crucible Blade – an energy sword.

Grenades, Sticky and Ice Bombs are a godsend (pun almost deliberate) as that ends up being the best way to weaken or fully take down some Demons.

A mixed bag for ranged weaponry, the rifle that we have seen before which gets better with mods and happy to say, the flame thrower is back.

Chainsaw, my favourite, will end up being your mainstay for melee and the game compels you to use it wherever possible, providing the fuel has replenished. Using the saw will see your enemies drop items that you’ll no doubt need to continue, including health.

Ammo restocks are bountiful and also found throughout environments. These do not respawn when collected – unless you die and retrace your steps.

Dying is not too punishing as you will respawn where you fell – providing you have enough lives to do so.

DOOM Eternal

Battlemode is a 2v1 play of brutality where two player controlled Demons take on one Slayer. IF you try to go to this mode before playing any of the Campaign the game actually warns you to familiarize yourself first in Campaign.

Then there’s the upcoming Invasion where you can join in other players single play games.

You’ll also find ‘Fortress of DOOM’ in your hub – it’s here you can receive upgrades and special in-game items.

The Nintendo Switch version comes with the remastered DOOM 64. THE game that made the N64 (Nintendo 64) the console to own back in the mid 1990s.

All current DLC is also included and the port from home console to Nintendo Switch is flawless.


DOOM Eternal is so far one of the best games for 2020. If you are a DOOM fan then you really need to get yourself in to the Eternal ranks of Demon slaying, at home or on the go.

So, come on Demon Slayer – Earth needs you. Again.

DOOM Eternal
DOOM Eternal (Switch) Review
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Released: December 2020
Rating: R16
Platform reviewed: Nintendo Switch
Genre: FPS
Developer: id Software
Publisher: Bethesda

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