The Predator (2018)
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The Predator (Blu-Ray) Review

The Predator is faced with a problem from the start. How do you reboot a franchise without alienating either the fans of the original and a new audience who see the original film as nothing but 80s shtick? ...
The Predator (2018)

Enter to Win The Predator on Bluray!

With four feature films in it's legacy, beginning with the iconic showdown between Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Predator which solidified the franchise in to pop culture. Last year (2018) saw a reprise of...

What is this Skorecery?

Independent developer GrappleHook Games has announced that Skorecery, the mystical arcade sportslike, will launch exclusively on PlayStation 4 on 5th of February 2019. Modernizing and paying homage to some...
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Aquaman (Warner Bros. – 2018) Review

I’ve been really excited to sea Aquaman ever since the trailers starting washing over the world. A fresh new take on an arguably less popular superhero was 'shore' to make a splash especially with Jason Mo...
Eternum Ex
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Eternum Ex (Switch) Review

As of late there seems to be a huge trend for either remastering 16Bit classics or re-releasing them. Being a retro-gamer, it is a trend that I don’t mind at all :) From Spanish developers Zerouno comes...

Ashen Comes to Xbox One

The wait is over! The dark world of Ashen will finally see the light and launch on Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass on December 7th, 2018 and what a journey it’s been to get there. To celebrate the upcoming launc...