Team17 is today announcing a bumper airdrop of Worms Rumble news, confirming a PlayStation / PC crossplay beta from the 6th of November 2020, and a full release for the strategic real-time action game on PlayStation 5, PlayStation4, and PC in December 2020.

The latest instalment in the multi-award-winning franchise, Worms Rumble features fast-paced, relentless skirmishes for up to 32 players per match across a variety of modes including Solo Deathmatch and Last Worm Standing.

Worms Rumble

The second map coming to Worms Rumble at launch, Portal Park, is also being revealed now. An arena featuring a fantastical portal that can change the environment in dramatic ways, Portal Park also includes underground traintracks that provide rapid transit to other parks of the map. The announcement of Portal Park follows on from the reveal of Missile Mall in the summer, which takes place in a huge, sprawling shopping mall complete with ballistic missile. Fan favourite gadgets, including Grapple Guns and the Jet Pack are also making a return ready for players to traverse the maps and get the edge over the competition.

Worms Rumble

Kevin Carthew, Creative Director, Team17, said: “Revealing the release timing of Worms Rumble is a very special moment for the development team, and we’re thrilled that it’s only a matter of weeks away. We’re very excited to see players take to the arenas, and it’s fantastic that through the PlayStation 4 / PC crossplay open beta next month we can give you a taste of what’s to come in December. It’s even more special considering we’re celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the series in days after the beta, with Team17’s own 30th Anniversary coming up on the 7th of December 2020.”

Worms Rumble

Access to a plethora of exclusive cosmetic items, including; an outfit, beanie, skin pattern, baseball bat skin, player banner, and challenge title, is now available through pre-orders on Steam. The ‘New Challenger’ bonus pack will provide PC players with the option to further finetune their Worms Rumble look as they fight for victory. Further cosmetic items will be available and unlocked as players progress through the ranks, including different hats and glasses, bringing a wide variety of customisation options so each Worm can be fashionably unique in the arena.

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