Hisense Australia has announced from CES 2020 the forthcoming launch of its highly-anticipated Hisense ULED XD TV under its premium ULED television brand.

Utilising revolutionary Dual Cell Technology that rivals OLED black levels, the model will arrive on Australian shores this year.

Head of Marketing at Hisense Australia, Andre Iannuzzi, said: “If there ever was a Hisense TV technology to challenge OLED, this would be it. With its highly innovative composition and design, the ULED XD combines two LCD layers that are fused together to create one incredibly impressive display. It sets a new standard in LED TVs and we can’t wait to introduce it to Australians.”

Unlike most conventional LED TVs, the Dual Cell ULED XD uses not one but two LCD layers that are precision-bonded together. The first is a greyscale or monochrome layer that controls luminance, while the second layer controls colour. The grayscale layer sits behind the colour layer and effectively blocks light from pixels that need to be darker, creating more than 2 million dimming zones.


Combined with Dolby Vision HDR, this fusion of LCD layers results in a display that delivers remarkably deep blacks, dazzling brightness and brilliant colour with a level of contrast accuracy that is unparalleled by existing LED TVs on the market.

Backed by Hisense’s sophisticated proprietary processing technology known as Hi-View Engine, the Hisense ULED XD produces an extraordinarily crisp and clear image for all kinds of viewing, be that streaming, sports or cinema. Image quality is bolstered by a Depth Enhancer, along with adaptive Sports Mode and Game Mode for immersive entertainment, while the TV also offers rich sound thanks to Dolby Atmos Audio.

The TV’s design is just as sophisticated as the technology, boasting a folded aluminium stand, crisp metallic finish and floating edge screen; making it a showstopping and impactful addition to contemporary living rooms. The unit is also easy to use, armed with an updated AI-powered operating system and Bluetooth connectivity. “There is no doubt that 2020 will herald a new era in television manufacturing and it starts right here with the Hisense ULED XD,” added Iannuzzi.

More information on pricing and availability will be shared throughout 2020.

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