Samsung QLDE 8K Q900
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Samsung Q900R Smart TV Review

Samsung make the smart TV even smarter. Their highly prized (and priced) Q Series of QLED teles are the absolute focus point of anyone’s living room or games room. Varying in size from 55 inch through t... See More...
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Samsung Q9F Smart TV Review

The way we consume entertainment has drastically changed and evolved over the past few years. Around the mid 2010's maunfacturers of the good ole home televsions began integrating web Apps in to their devi... See More...
The Frame - Samsung
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Samsung’s ‘The Frame’ TV Review

When is a TV a work of Art? When it's The Frame. Yup, the always innovating Samsung have taken a 4K HDR wall mountable television and made it something of an art piece. Samsung provided STG with a 55 inch... See More...