Go back to the early 90s with pixelated gameplay on ‘Throwback Arcade’ available on Krispy Kreme New Zealand’s Instagram page.

Yup, a huge and addictive revisit to the days where games were simpler – yet still tricky enough to cause a bit of sweat and alot of tears as you aimed to get through the ensuing Levels and aim for that all important high score.

There were no Save Points, no Checkpoints, just perseverance.

Krispy Kreme Throwback Party

Krispy Kreme New Zealand has four retro-tastic short to mid play games on offer for mobile, accessed via their Insta.

Finger Bun Fighter hearkens back to the early days of Street Fighter, except you are a doughnut, of course. Perform crazy super moves, kick and punch you way to sugary glory in the best of two doughy fisticuff rounds.

Krispy Kreme Throwback Party - Bun Fight

Cookie Dough’s Krispy Kart sees you taking on the doughnut kart against opponents across varying tracks in old skool top down view as you race against your opponents, collecting boosts and power ups and all the while aiming to stay on the track. Harder than you think.

Krispy Kreme Throwback Party - Krispy Kart

Fairy Bread Fantasy was my favourite. Evil Snacks have invaded and they have switched off your Hot Light. It is up to you in this coin collecting, enemy pouncing and sprinkle spraying 2D platformer to save your friends from the impending darkness… and presumably uncooked sweeties.

Krispy Kreme Throwback Party - Fairy Bread

Finally we have Brownie Batter Bash and I’ve saved the most addictive to last.

Brownie Batter Bash is a take on the classic Pong. Your doughnut is the ball and there are many treats and bonuses to be collected at the top of the Arcade screen.

Bounce your doughnut from the board and reap the tasty delights, but of course timing and a lot of skill is necessary.

Krispy Kreme Throwback Party - Browny Bash

Having played alot through all four mini-games I thought it would be a breeze – but nope. Prepare to be severely tested with these pixelated bite sized addictions.

Krispy Kreme know that the 90’s gaming era was a memory that all of us who were around then and old enough to have birthday parties with school friends, go to the Arcades or play on our SEGA Master Systems or Super Nintendo’s is a memory that we have all held on to.

To coincide with their retro mobile game offerings Krispy Kreme New Zealand also has four doughnut flavours for their Throwback; Cookie Dough, Fairy Bread, Finger Bun and Brownie Batter.

Both the free to play games and the doughnut range are for a strictly limited time – so get in to these button mashers on Krispy Kreme New Zealand’s Official Instagram and play while you can and chomp on down to party favourites from yesteryear.


Krispy Kreme Retro Game Review
Game Details

Released: May 2019
Rating: G
Platforms: Mobile
Genre: Arcade
Publisher: Krispy Kreme

Fairy Bread
Brownie Bash
Finger Bun
Krispy Kart
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