Y9 Prime 2019
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Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 Smartphone Review

Smartphones with moving parts. A novelty, a fad, or a necessity? To produce that holy grail of an all screen phone is to completely remove the front facing ‘selfie’ camera from the top of the screen. Natura... See More...
Samsung Galaxy Note10

Note 10. Now.

Galaxy Note fans rejoice as today Samsung Electronics unveiled the Galaxy Note10, the latest model in Samsung’s line of premium smartphones that combines elegant design with powerful performance and productiv... See More...
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OPPO Reno Z Review

At the forefront of innovation, OPPO have produced smartphones that others have not dared to try. A smart device with moving parts. We saw this first with the Find X and then in their latest flagship model... See More...
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Samsung A50 Smartphone Review

Year upon year the lines are becoming more blurred between mid-range and high end smart devices. Samsung have never been afraid to push the techie envelope and try out initiatives, forge ahead no matter wh... See More...
Ekster Smart Wallet 3.0
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Ekster Smart Wallet 3.0 Review

There’s never a more panic inducing, heart sinking moment than being at a busy supermarket checkout and realising oops – you don’t have your wallet. Then scouring through the car to find it, only to turn up ... See More...
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OPPO Reno 10x Zoom Review

OPPO are at the center of innovation. Their Android based smartphones were once the cheaper option (and for the mid-range ones like the AX5s they still are), but over the last couple of years OPPO have fou... See More...