Samsung Electronics NZ has just unveiled the future of home entertainment with its most impressive TV portfolio and soundbar range to date.

The 2021 portfolio of Neo QLED, soundbars and Lifestyle TV displays features its most advanced, stylish, and expansive range delivering the ultimate in picture and sound quality for big screen TVs. The new line underscores Samsung’s commitment to accessibility, sustainability, and innovation with new advancements that help redefine the role of television.

“During the past year, we have witnessed the pivotal role technology played in helping us carry on with our lives and stay connected with each other,” says Jens Anders, Director Consumer Electronics at Samsung New Zealand. “Our commitment to an inclusive and sustainable future goes hand-in-hand with our relentless pursuit for innovation to meet consumers’ ever-changing needs – from reducing the carbon footprint of our products, to providing a suite of accessibility features, to offering an unparalleled viewing experience that fits each user’s lifestyle.”

Samsung Neo QLED TV

Introducing a whole new display technology, Neo QLED, to its flagship 8K (QN900A) and 4K (QN90A) models Samsung is pushing the large screen experience to the next dimension through a complete new light source to deliver deep blacks, vibrant colour and incredible sound wrapped in a stunning design.

This new technology is taking QLED to the next level enabled by a new light source and TV first, Quantum Mini LED, which is precisely controlled by Quantum Matrix Technology and Neo Quantum Processor, a powerful picture processor optimised for Neo QLED.

Neo QLED TVs are packed with more light sources than other Samsung LED TVs providing ultimate control in producing a picture quality to elevate the big screen experience. The powerful Neo Quantum Processor, trained in AI upscaling and deep learning technology, can optimise picture quality to 4K and 8K picture output regardless of the input quality.

Samsung Neo QLED The Premiere

Samsung’s top-of-the-line Neo QLED 8K TV (QN900A) will also feature Samsung’s Infinity Display, a nearly bezel-less screen providing an immersive viewing experience in a sleek design and form factor.

The Neo QLED 8K’s attachable Slim One Connect box offers a fresh new design to assist with cable management, it can now be attached to the TVs or sit separately on a cabinet, allowing for an easier install and cleaner aesthetic.

The 8K model also packs in several premium, room-filling audio features, including Object Tracking Sound (OTS) Pro which offers dynamic sound corresponding to the movement of objects on screen.

Samsung’s 2021 Neo QLED 8K and 4K models also offer smart features that expand the role of the TV and help consumers meet their changing needs when it comes to fitness, entertainment and the home office. These features include Samsung Health, Super Ultra-Wide game view, Game Bar, Google Duo1 and PC on TV functions.

Samsung today also unveiled its most impressive and extensive range of soundbars (Q700 and above), featuring an extended Dolby Atmos line-up and new innovations that will create true cinematic surround sound experiences at home.

SpaceFit Sound is designed to analyse the installed TV’s physical environment and output immersive sound tailored specifically to your space at home. The introduction of True Dolby Atmos & DTS:X with 11.1.4ch surround sound to the flagship Q-Series Soundbars is a first of its kind and fills your room with cinematic sound by incorporating 11 channels, one subwoofer channel and four up-firing channels.

For a more customised sound experience, SpaceFit Sound+ tailors your TV and compatible soundbar settings by constantly testing reverberations, ensuring the sound is always optimised for the room. Working together, Q-Symphony and SpaceFit Sound+ offers users a total sound collaboration delivering a synchronised sound experience.

Samsung continues to reimagine the role of TV in the home and deliver innovative new ways consumers can experience content, art and stunning design in 2021.

The extensive Lifestyle TV range will see an updated edition of The Frame, featuring a significantly slimmer profile, new bezel options with customisable styles – Modern and Beveled – to match the aesthetic of whatever room The Frame is in. The Art Store continues to add new works, now offering 1,400 pieces from world-renowned galleries, allowing you to transform your home into your own personal gallery.

Samsung’s award-winning lifestyle product portfolio is also joined by The Premiere, the ultra-short throw triple laser 4K smart projector which transcends the at home cinema experience. The Sero, The Serif and The Terrace TV round out the Lifestyle TV portfolio, delivering 4K QLED picture and Smart TV features to every room in the home.

“Kiwis continue to lead global uptake of Samsung’s Lifestyle TVs, demonstrating our love for entertainment and our desire to make our homes our own. Since its introduction, The Frame has been a welcome addition to many New Zealand homes, and the introduction of The Terrace in 2020 saw Kiwis take their entertainment outdoors, enjoying family movie nights under the stars and sports and barbeques side-by-side,” says Anders.
“This year, The Premiere will bring the big screen to lounges across the country, with inbuilt access to the streaming services Kiwis love, making recreating the cinema experience from the comfort from home easier than ever,” he adds.

Along with launching the 2021 TV line-up, Samsung announced it is embarking on a journey to align its TV business with its long term sustainability initiatives.

To reduce the company’s carbon footprint and improve energy efficiency, Samsung is working to decrease its overall carbon footprint in TV manufacturing. The company will also seek to lower user power consumption and use more recycled materials across its entire TV line.

Building on valuable consumer feedback, Samsung is expanding its ‘Eco-packaging’ design to all 2021 Lifestyle TVs and most of the 2021 Neo QLED line to help upcycle up to 200,000 tons of corrugated boxes each year.

This year also sees the introduction of the Solar Cell Remote Control that can be recharged by indoor light, outdoor light or USB, a first-of-its-kind innovation for the brand set to help prevent waste from a projected 99 million AAA batteries over seven years.

Samsung has also turned attention to its 2021 accessibility features – now available on all 2021 QLED and Neo QLED models – to bring the latest advances in technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and help more people comfortably enjoy their TV experience.

Samsung’s 2021 TV range will be available through various retail outlets nationally from early May 2021.

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