You are Cryptosporidium 137, or as your known on the mothership, ‘Crypto’ a clone of many versions of yourself.

Wide eyed and ready to kick some human ass in a super cliched 1950’s America, during the time of the U.F.O. craze and hysteria.

You are lead by your leader POX who gives out the missions and orders from the safety of the mothership.

You see, along time ago this very alien race infused their own DNA in to primordial humans which saw the prehistoric man evolve at a rapid rate. But now Crypto’s own kind has a DNA problem and they need to harvest it from Earth’s population.

Destroy All Humans 2020

A 100% pure and uncorrupted strand in each and every person.

Destroy All Humans! has been lovingly and hilariously recreated from the original game that released in 2005 by Black Forest Games.

A fully open world from farmlands to small towns and beach side resorts, this remaster from THQ Nordic not only jetpacks Crypto 15 years in to the gaming future that is the present with Missions and Challenges as new additions.

As you get to grips with Crypto’s psychokinetic powers (including disguising as humans with HoloBob) and some of the most original weaponry in a game, a Zapper, Anal Probe, De-Constructor and more.

Destroy All Humans 2020

Even though you are obviously of a higher intellect than the silly humans – you are totally outnumbered. Earth also has a blundering mysterious agency called the Majestic, who investigate any extra-terrestrial activities on the planet. they tend to shoot and ask questions never.

From a downed U.F.O. (think Roswell in New Mexico, 1947) the Majestic do have some tech of their own that they reverse engineered. But it’s nothing compared to what you have.

Some Levels require you to command your ship – these are hell fun as you can go nuts blowing stuff up (just avoid the military’s missile arsenal).

Destroy All Humans 2020

Your ship has a fiery Death Ray and a Pulse Burst that if you time it right can deflect enemy firepower.

Both you and your ship have shields – both can be regenerated, but remember that you are still a biological being and death means that you’ll need to be re-cloned and start over.

Your weapons, abilities and spaceship can all be upgraded. At the end of each Level you will automatically visit POX’s Lab and depending on how many human brains you have extracted (and any in-game bonuses that you may have completed) are cashed in for tech and psychokinetic power enhancements.

Destroy All Humans 2020

There’s also different outfits for Crypto to be unlocked as you play through.

Tongue in cheek humour, alot of cliches and stereotyping Destroy All Humans! is a game I recommend playing through. And play through more than once, as each Level has a plethora of side objectives and challenges alongside the main Mission.

Destroy All Humans! is a completists dream as the developers have also added in bonus Challenge only Levels, that weren’t in the original.

Destroy All Humans! was a huge hit with me when it first released so when I first heard that it was being remade I was hopeful that it kept to the original. It did and it’s way better than I could have hoped for.

Destroy All Humans 2020
Destroy All Humans! (Xbox One) Review
Game details

Released: August 2020
Rating: M15+
Platforms: Xbox One (reviewed)
Genre: Action
Developer: Black Forest Games
Publisher: THQ Nordic

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