My second day had me start off with Disney Infinity 3.0. This will be featuring two new Star Wars sets based on the trilogies.

Star Wars: Rise against the Empire is based on Star Wars IV, V and VI and has bigger focus on vehicles and where Star Wars: Twilight of the Republic had a more combat focused play set.

They even got Ninja Theory to specifically work on the combat something very evident during my time with the game.

Both playsets played great and gave fun interactive versions of the Star Wars story. All characters from both playsets can be used in either story. The toys themselves are high quality and even if you didn’t buy/play Disney Infinity 3.0 I could see collectors getting them regardless.

Star Wars Disney Infinity

Moving to a not so far away galaxy I got some time with Frontier Developments’ Elite: Dangerous.

This is a game of cosmic proportion, literally. This space adventure, trading and combat simulator is based in a 1:1 scale open world galaxy based on our own Milky Way. This to me was astounding. Mankind has always dreamed of space exploration, and thank to Elite: Dangerous we can now do so from the comfort of our own home.

While I was blown away by the size and realism of the Universe I was somewhat let down when I went to sit down and actually play it. The game feels orientated to niche market. Traversing the universe, as exciting as it sounds in theory, was a bit duller in the reality.

I admit I was not very familiar the controls or how to play the game which may have significantly impacted my opinion of it. I could tell that to really enjoy the game you must be able to dedicate hours to play, master and fully appreciate the epic scale.

While the game was made available on PC last year, an Xbox One release is due later this year with an early build available now with Xbox Game Preview.

Elite Dangerous

LOOT Interactive showed us few and neat little indie games that had some simple but nice ideas.

Whispering Willows is 2D side-scroller game with puzzles and tries its hand at the horror genre with new take on being about atmosphere and not so much blood and gore. The art style was spectacular and gameplay was fluid and encourages exploration.

The second one they showed off, Back to Bed, was more of a puzzle game where the goal is to as you might imagine, get a little dude back to bed. He sleep walks and for some reason only turns right when hitting a dead end so it becomes is your job to place objects in his path to get to bed safely.

The world is a bit like an M.C. Escher painting and is based on other similar art styles as well.

Back to Bed

The last little game was called Velocibox and while being rather simple in nature, it really tested my reflexes. You have a little box you control and it is speeding through a corridor with numerous obstacles on all around the corridor.

You can control the box from side to side and can invert the corridor as you so choose. This had me was quite a hard task but still had pressing on to try and get through just one Level.


Moving onto a more reality based game, Sniper: Ghost Warriors by CI Games was a different kind of FPS than I’d say many are used to. This highly strategic based sniping game showcased an elaborate demo with many aspects and tools to complete the mission on hand. During the entire demo only three shots were made. This game really focuses on timing, skill and stealth.

You are given many tools to accomplish this but it’s not a run in guns blazing kind of game. I mean you could probably try that but would likely die very quickly. Missions can run more smoothly if you take time to prep for them, such as marking out key areas or places.

You have safe houses where you can allocate weapons gain new Missions and upgrade and modify your weaponry. The terrain was quite varied and the Missions plays out in a day night cycle with dynamic weather systems as well which also can affect how you might approach the Mission.

You are given a small drone that can scout the landscape and provide valuable intelligence on the layout and surroundings. There is no leveling up system or skill points.

They said they only way you get better at the game is by playing it. Sniper 3: Ghost Warrior provides numerous obstacles but it also gives you the tools to overcome them. It is up to you how to do so.

I am not a patient woman but this looked well created and stayed strong to the sniper idea. With while being very realistic still allowing some leeway to keep things fun.

Sniper - Ghost Warriors

I was happy to be taken from a slightly more realistic setting to a one of science fiction with one of PlayStation’s new announced titles Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Being one of my highlights of the conference, I was keen to get a bit more detail in this behind closed door presentation. One this instantly apparent is how beautiful Horizon: Zero Dawn is. The world and environments on display look stunning.

Horizon Zero Dawn

This open world action RPG is set not a couple but at least 1000 years post-apocalypse. This was an interesting new take on the overdone post-apocalyptic genre. I will be going into bit more depth in a separate article on this very unique and interesting game but suffice to say, I was impressed.

My day two was full of excitement and I was definitely looking forward to seeing what else E3 2015 had in store for me with day three.

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