Earlier this year (2023) Samsung released their S23 series.

If you didn’t jump on to the S23 bandwagon at the time, you can now catch up with all of the best bits in their Galaxy S23FE (Fan Edition).

Coming in with an affordable price point the S23FE has got the goods of the entire latest S Series, almost.

It’s not an Ultra, that’s for sure. There’s no S Pen and end to end curvy screen.

Samsung Galaxy S23FE

But it does have a 6.4 inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen with a vividly detailed 120Hz refresh.

The inner goodness sees 8GB RAM, 128GB storage (model reviewed) all powered by a SM8450 Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.

Now I’m unsure as to why a Gen 2 processor was not added in here, as that has been out for a while now.

Nonetheless, the Gen 1 is ample enough for anything you’re likely to wield on the Galaxy S23FE.

Samsung has not held back on the camera.

Samsung Galaxy S23FE

Just like the Galaxy S23, the Galaxy S23FE has a triple camera array.

The main rear camera come in at 50MP, and is joined with 8MP telephoto and a 12MP ultrawide.

For those breathtaking selfies, you have a single 10MP wide lens.

The shooting modes have been ported over from the Galaxy S23 series. All of them, including nightography wizardry.

Low light or no light, you’ll always see what’s lurking in the dark.

Samsung Galaxy S23FE

The Galaxy S21FE holds its own on mobile gaming too.

Able to play with the big boys, having no issue except battery usage on console-like Play store games; Diablo Immortal, Asphalt and Call of Duty Mobile.

Speaking of the battery, Samsung has added a generous 4,500mAh cell in to the Galaxy S23FE.

Now, as we all know the battery life will always depend on usage. Gaming, it didn’t fair too well, but for everyday use, it did extremely well.

I was able to get two and a half days of use from a full charge. Streaming music, a lot of data usage and a bit of calling. I suspect that if you’re a light smartphone user you could get almost a week out of a single full charge.

The S23FE is a stealthy powerhouse. It is most definitely not a watered down S23 – if anything, with the battery life it outshines its flagship namesake.

Samsung Galaxy S23FE
Samsung Galaxy S23FE Review
Device details

Released: October 2023
Device Name: Samsung Galaxy S23FE
Chipset: Qualcomm SM8450 Snapdragon 8 Gen 1
Memory: 8GB
Internal Storage: 128GB
Camera: F: 10MP. R: 50MP + 10MP (telephoto) + 12MP (ultrawide
Battery: 4,500mAh

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