Breaking through the noise of the Bluetooth speaker industry, SOUNDBOKS launches the NEW SOUNDBOKS Bluetooth Performance Speaker.

Unlike any other, SOUNDBOKS has revolutionary sound quality, can connect with up to five nearby speakers wirelessly and boasts the longest battery life of any portable Bluetooth speaker on the market.

“We have finally created the speaker we always wanted,” says Jesper Thiel Thomsen, CEO of SOUNDBOKS. “Over the past four years we’ve been integrating community feedback with the vision of the speaker we have always wanted to build; the result is The New SOUNDBOKS. We were very focused on creating an unmatched sound experience, wireless connectivity and battery life were critical for that. We are really excited to bring this to our community and lead a new category of Bluetooth performance speakers.”

NEW SOUNDBOKS Bluetooth Performance Speaker

The completely redesigned SOUNDBOKS features 126 dB volume, TeamUP wireless connectivity (up to five SOUNDBOKS speakers), pro panel inputs, SOUNDBOKS app which allows regular updates and new features to get pushed to your speaker, and even a removable steel grill for easy customisation.

Extremely portable and easy to use, the SOUNDBOKS weighs 34 pounds and is the only Bluetooth speaker with a removable battery that can last up to 40 hours on a single charge.

With the redesign, comes the introduction of SOUNDBOKS’ “Break through the noise” campaign, focusing the brand on exceeding traditional (performance) limitations and breaking through the barriers that hold us back.

The New SOUNDBOKS Bluetooth Performance Speaker is now available.

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