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Edifier S350DB Review

When I was a kid I would marvel at my parents Kenwood home entertainment system. It wasn’t the dual cassette deck, nor the record turntable or the array of nobs and buttons. No, it was the wood grain finis... See More...
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JBL Extreme 2 Bluetooth Speaker Review

As the New Zealand summer sun beckons so does the beach and pool parties. JBL has your hot and sweaty season sorted with the JBL Extreme 2 Bluetooth speaker of loudness. Utilising the usual Bluetooth se... See More...
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Sony GTK-XB60 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Become the party with Sony's illuminated, strobing mega sized bluetooth speaker. The GTK-XB60 is not only a weighty beast, yet still portable, it is a one stop party zone for any indoors or outdoor activit... See More...