As TV’s get thinner and thinner, and manufacturers chase the dream of wallpaper displays for all, audio quality is left behind like a disowned child.

In a situation screaming compromise, more and more home users are having to turn to studio equipment to fully enjoy the TV experience. For those not wanting to commit four figures for an audio solution, the soundbar has been the saviour.

Sliding in front of the TV in it’s small 62cm frame, the JBL Bar Studio is a one-size-fits-all standalone solution for an enhanced audio experience. Providing connection via HDMI, 3.5mm, Optical or Bluetooth aptX, JBL has come out guns blazing to create a simple, elegant audio experience.

On the topic of audio, the soundbar delivers in waves, with it’s dual bass design an accompanying subwoofer is not necessary, packing all the heat necessary to put on a show with either James Bond or Drake. To control the storm, JBL includes a small controller that within it’s hand sized build holds the power of 16 buttons, which for my liking is a few too many. That being said, there aren’t any buttons included for the sake of including buttons, it’s just it could’ve been reduced a touch.

Comparing the size of the Bar Studio to other soundbars, the amount of punch packed in this small frame is monumental, and the audio experience is no less than what we’ve come to expect from JBL. If you’re looking for a standalone, solid solution for the average TV audio everyone is coming accustomed to, then the JBL Bar Studio is the pick for you.


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