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Halloween 2018 (Universal Pictures) Review

October 31st. This date gives most people a tinge of satisfying fear of the boogeyman. 40 years ago – it struck terror as the masked Michael Myers silently crept out on to the silver screen and introduced us...
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The Nun (Warner Bros.) Review

Where better for evil to hide than in a Convent. Set in the late 1940's just after WWII in small town Romania, the suicide of a young nun triggers an investigation by the Vatican. A senior priest Father Bur...


Principal photography has begun on New Line Cinema’s IT CHAPTER TWO, director Andy Muschietti’s follow-up to 2017’s critically acclaimed and massive worldwide box office hit IT, which grossed over $700 millio...
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Hereditary (StudioCanal) Review

I am an absolute HUGE fan of horror movies, especially ones that don’t rely on jump scares. So naturally I was really excited to see Hereditary. I knew almost nothing about the movie going in, I had only hear...