You are Lil and you’re also Laarg, together, nothing is inescapable.

Brilliantly designed, Escape Plan (from the guys that bought you Fat Princess) sees the two diverse characters, one small, one large either singularly or co-operatively work through a series of insanely booby trapped rooms and passageways.

Making full use of all of the touchy-feeliness that the Vita has to offer, the entire game is controlled via gestures, both the front touch screen and the rear pad.

Swipe your character to move them, tap on the rear panel to distract an enemy, use both conjointly (in a pinch gesture) to make your character sprint a short but effective distance.

Your environment is also interactive. Slide or push objects out of the way. Stop poisonous gas by plugging the crack with your finger. Place a mattress for a smoother landing.

And what happens if you do not gesture enough, or aren’t quick when you need to be? Usually a rather blood splashing gruesome death.

Black and white, crisp and different. Your scores are tallied by a Star Meter; this is based on Time and/or the amount of gestures. The less gestures to get through a Level, the better.

You will walk, dash, fall, and even float (when you’ve inhaled helium) to get through the multitude of deathly environments.

I can see flickers of Abes Odysee with an Angry Bird-ish game-type flavour.

Escape Plan is a download only from the PSN, for Vita, and is a definite pick up and play anytime title.

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Genre: Puzzle

Platform: Playstation Vita (DLC Only)

Publisher: Zipper Interactive

No. of Players: 1



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