You’re a bounty hunter, Jane Bell, in the olden days of the wild west, but this is not the ye ole’ timey western frontier that you’ve come to know.

This is something truly, weird.

Weird West is a top down RPG where you assume the role of the Bounty Hunter, who had buried her guns in the back garden and swapped shootouts for growing corn in the small and quiet town of Grackle.

But after a notorious gang raids the town and steals people (killing your only son) you set out on a path of righteous vengeance against those no-good gunslingers.

However it’s not the gangs that you need to be too worried about.

Weird WesT

They are prisoners, of sorts, against supernatural beings that like the taste of human flesh.

Quick in to the game you’ll realise that your true enemies are of the paranormal kind thus you continue to venture out across the vast lands, shooting, looting and blowing stuff up.

Weird West’s levels are open world, to a point. Like a table top game, your environment that you can freely explore in and pick up side gigs is centered on a larger squared map.

Venture out of the map and you’re essentially out of bounds and are prompted to exit the level or get back to the game.

Use environmental hazards and traps to your advantage and it’s here I need to say just how excellent the enemy A.I. is (or how deadly to you it is).

Like all good RPGs you have an inventory that you’ll fill quicker than you expect.

Weird West

Better outfits, more powerful weapons and other items that will either be of use within the narrative of your play, or you can sell off at a local General store.

If you have too many of the same gun, junk it in to parts to beef up your remaining weapon.

Townships feature blacksmiths, stores and more – all awaiting your coin for better gear.

Weird West has it all, mages, werewolves and more as you strategically take out your foes via stealth or shoot outs.

Some areas are larger than others, you’ll get yourself a horse and can trek across on that, to go from one Mission to the next is a loading screen where your Bounty Hunter will auto-cross the map.

Weird West

Times, days and length of time are all critical in Weird West.

Some Missions are required to be achieved within a certain amount of hours or days. When this happens, there’s no rest stops for you, as the clock is always ticking.

For those of us who are seasoned RPG gamers, Weird West may seem a little different at first.

Like me, you may find yourself saying, ‘what the…’  initially, but quick in to play you’ll get the gist of it, how it all works and you’ll pull up your boot straps, clamp on your spurs, tip your cowboy hat and takeout thugs and monsters in what does become an addictive play.

Weird West has become one of my fav’s of this year.

Weird West
Weird West (PlayStation 5) Review
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Released: March 2022
Rating: M15+
Platforms reviewed: PlayStation 5
Genre: RPG
Developer: Wolf Eye Studios
Publisher: Devolver Digital

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