An anthropomorphic die-hard and rebellious snail called Clid guns up and goes in to a one man… er, bug battle against hordes of slugs.

Yep, Weird Beluga Studio don’t have ‘Weird’ at the start of their company name just for the sake of it.

Clid the Snail is odd, but a good version of odd as you take on the role of Clid, who defies the eiders of his village and gets outcast in to the open world with a mission to rid the land of their enemy, the Slugs.

The narrative and backstory opens up more as you play through the semi-top-down shooter.

Clid the Snail

While the game doesn’t explicitly say it, there has been an apocalypse of some sort, humanity is gone yet evidence of their former existence is all around.

And the kingdom of bugs has taken over.

One of the most beautifully dark games environment to be had, Clid the Snail is a moody adventure through many a wasteland littered with secrets, puzzles and more.

Your foes tend to be grouped together at any given time. Once you clear them you’re good for a couple of minutes to venture further until you come across another cluster.

Clid the Snail

Levels are linear. Clid most definitely has his path set out for him – however, there are exceptions to this.

The terrain is multi-tiered at times and to get to a secret area for goodies, most likely there’s a path that’s not even visible.

As with all platforming games, it’s good to explore as much as you can.

Clid comes with an automatic gun and that’s your default. Soon in to play however you can get yourself meatier weapons and mix and match, combining weapons to give you the upper… hand?

Clid the Snail

On PlayStation 5 (reviewed) the detail is incredible. Beluga have done extremely well here. Gameplay is a slow grind though. This is a twin stick shooter for sure, but it’s not a run and gun.

But snails aren’t known for their speed.

At times the game did lag – it was mostly when encountering a wave of enemies. But this was not game-breaking.

Clid the Snail is one to definitely check out. It’s twisted story, amazing environment and gutsy gameplay.

And there’s more to finding out who Clid actually is… beyond the slime.

Clid the Snail
Clid the Snail (PlayStation 5) Review
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Released: September 2021
Rating: M15+
Platform reviewed: PlayStation 5
Genre: Shooter / Platformer
Developer: Weird Beluga Studio
Publisher: Koch Media

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