The clock is ticking as you dash, jump, spin, loop, collect up Rings and defeat Eggman’s foes in a remake of Sonic Colors.

Originally released on Nintendo Wii back in 2010 the game infused the crazy speed of Sonic with, well, colourful bursts as you jetted from platform to rail, grinding to leaping.

Eggman (previously known as Dr. Robotnik in the 90’s) has been trying to defeat Sonic and his pals for decades with cyber-mech like contraptions but this time round it looks as though Eggman is getting old and soft.

Sonic Colors Ultimate

He has created an interstellar Amusement Park and kindly invited Sonic and his gang to try it out.

Nothing suspicious about that, right?

Each Level records your play time, you can rip through to try and get that best time – or if you prefer, explore a bit and collect up secrets and as many rings as you possibly can.

Gameplay goes from 3D to 2D in a seamless environmentally specific Level.

Sonic Colors introduced a new thing called Wisps.

These enable Sonic to reach higher areas – all Levels in Sonic Colors Ultimate are multi-tiered.

Sonic Colors Ultimate

This remaster; Sonic Colors Ultimate not only has a new soundtrack, super enhanced visuals, it also brings in Jade Ghost Wisps power ups from Sonic Racing which allows you to pass through solid obstacles.

If you’re a fan of Sonic, like me, you most likely love being able to get up to ridiculous blinding speeds in play.

Sonic Colors Ultimate sure does that, and does hearken back to to the likes of the very original Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 on Sega Genesis / Megadrive. However, the build of some of the Levels break this.

You can be on a seemingly non-stoppable fly-through when boom – you hit a path that slows everything down.

Sonic Colors Ultimate

If you’re one to take your time and explore it’s not going to bother you too much, but if you’re trying to go for a timed record and just want to blitz through these stoppers can be a bit annoying.

Still, Sonic Colors has always been one of my top favs in the Sonic series, it was infact the only game I went out and got a Nintendo Wii for, 11 years ago.

From legions of baddies to epic sized bosses Sonic Colors Ultimate really is the ultimate celebration of Sonic having turned 30 years old.

Sonic Colors Ultimate
Sonic Colors Ultimate (PC) Review
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Released: September 2021
Rating: G
Platforms reviewed: PC
Genre: Platform
Developer: Super Squirrel Entertainment
Publisher: SEGA

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