Play alot of MMORPGs?

Cyborg has released a mouse with you in mind.

Looking like a Transformer, something that, at a mere touch will suddenly unleash itself onto your hand and cluster a heap of cyber-punk tech around your arm, the MMO 7 has been designed for both PC and Mac RPG gamers to release their fingers from incessant mouse clicking and keyboard grappling into a one handed control device.

Featuring 13 reconfigurable buttons, encompassing upto 78 functions allows you play your game your way and assign hot-keys as you see fit.

An adjustable weight system stops the achy arms and wrist traumas that we all endure, especially from hard-out Diablo-ing.

A sensor is also equipped that can reach upto 6,400dpi.

The MMO 7 is customizable, not only by way of key mapping etc but also it’s body. Certain aspects of it can be changed to offer differing body parts, rubberized for better grip or illuminated for that ‘wow’ factor and low light useage. It is also adjustable for any finger size. Have big clompy digits? No worries with MMO 7.

With ALL of the above enhancements and configurables, every finger can have it’s own purpose in life and you’d never need to touch the keyboard again.

Using USB 2.0 there’s not really any question as to whether this will work for you or not, and if you are playing high end RPGs or MMPORGs, then your PC or Mac will undoubtedly meet the minium requirements.

A costly $269.99 NZD, but it IS top of the line (the Ferrari of computer peripherals) and once all setup to your personalised needs you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

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