Emerging from the steamy shadows of their debut single ‘Badlands’, pop-noir duo, Dark Tropics are back with their brand-new single and video (above); ‘Moroccan Sun’.

Starring the same cinematic flare that helped solidify the duo’s previous single, ‘Moroccan Sun’ introduces a vibrant pop sound that twists and twirls in the sweltering Mediterranean heat.

Dancing away forgotten memories of a passionate romance, retro fantasia splash over bright, soulful melodies. Heartache has never felt so oddly enticing.

Dark Tropics - Moroccan Sun

The formation of Dark Tropics was inevitable. Drawn together by a bond that stretched via Ireland to Morocco, musicians Rio and Gerard found common ground through common ground spanning Radiohead, Aretha Franklin and The Velvet Underground.

Reaching from a deep pool of influences (William Somerset Maugham, Paul Auster and John Cooper-Clarke) the pair formed a partnership – one that relies equally on instinct and guile.

Their creative vision has borne fruit with timeless, cinematic, pop-noir. Powered by analogue instruments and retro recording techniques, their music breathes life into an undying sound. The themes are picked from everywhere – the burning highs of lust, the fragility of heartache, the sting of betrayal and defiance in the face of hurt.

A meld of contemporary and classic, the individual and universal, the scope of Dark Tropics is limited only by how far down the rabbit hole you wish to follow.

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