One night changes everything.

Yakov Ronen (Dave Davis), a Jewish immigrant has departed from his faith after encountering a racial incident on the streets of his new home town.

Attending a support group for folk like himself, a foreigner in this new world, he is approached by a local Rabbi with some paid work.

For $500 cash he will sit and watch over a deceased Jewish man’s body. He will endure the Vigil.

The Vigil

In his directorial debut Keith Thomas, who also wrote the film’s narrative takes us on a creepy and somewhat predictable night as not only is there evil that Ronen must face within the home where he tends to the widow of the dead man but also reflect within and face his own nightmares.

The Vigil is a good watch – enough darkness to please most horror fans and goes deep into Jewish lore.

As much as I enjoyed the film, it is a watch once.

The Vigil - 2020
The Vigil (BlumHouse Productions) 2020
Film details

Year: 2020
Rating: R13+
Genre: Horror
Director: Keith Thomas
Starring: Dave Davis, Menashe Lustig, Malky Goldman Fred Melamed, Lynn Cohen
Production Studio: Blumhouse Productions, Boulderlight Pictures, Angry Adam Productions

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