The 10th instalment of the enduring Fast and the Furious franchise has released to cinemas worldwide.

An adrenaline filled vehicle exploding action film with heart and a star studded cast.

Thanks to Universal Pictures we have been given the opportunity to have an interview with Brie Larson who plays the kick-ass character Tess.

Brie Larson

STG: Were you excited to be in Fast X?
Brie: This has been my dream! I’ve been basically begging to be in these movies for years. Actually, I have a video of me running around my house squealing when I finally got the news that I was going to be part of this franchise because I hold it in great esteem.

STG: What was that process like?
Brie: The process was basically me pestering them for years, saying that I wanted to be a part of it. And, as time went on and they were building out this film and what the future could be, they finally said, “There’s space for you. You can come to the table with us.”

STG: What do you believe makes these films so unique?
Brie: There is a unique story from the very beginning, and then you also have the growing spectacle: the incredible stunts, fast cars, and all of these things that are really fun to watch. But, at the end of the day, these films are about family – they’re about standing up for one another and having each other’s backs. And they make you want to go to the theater with your family. I personally value that, and I also love discussing these movies and talking about them with my friends and family. Now they finally think I’m cool…

Fast X

STG: So, how was the experience of joining Vin Diesel and the whole Fast & Furious family?
Brie: Once it was decided that I was going to be in the film, I got a text that said, “Can you go to Vin Diesel’s house for dinner tonight?” When I showed up, his three kids were at the door. I sat down at the dinner table, and they all sat across from me, and we had this great conversation about what I would be bringing to the Fast & Furious franchise. Then I ended up going back to their house many times, before I ever stepped foot on the set. So, by the time I did, I felt like I belonged there. I felt safe. And I actually based my character on Vin’s eldest daughter.

STG: Do you feel Vin has a unique presence?
Brie: Yes, he does. I mean, Vin has lived this for so long and cares so much about the franchise. He really values it and cares about the people around him really valuing it as well. It’s a huge part of his life, and it’s a lot of fun. He is just great.

STG: Let’s talk about your character. Who is Tess?
Brie: Tess is Mr. Nobody’s daughter. She is technically a government agent, but she’s kind of a bridge, in a way. So, Tess doesn’t go along with the way the agency is headed, now that her father isn’t there anymore.

STG: What does she believe in then?
Brie: She believes in the legacy of her father – which is standing with Dom and the Toretto family and fighting for that. Tess ultimately goes on her own mission to do what she feels is right in her heart.

STG: When Tess meets up with Dom Toretto, she makes quite the entrance, right?
Brie: Yeah, that’s a pretty epic fight scene that takes place when Tess enters the bar with these giant platform boots, holding her own. It was a cool set and a fun scene to shoot, with lots of props. I hadn’t worked with weapons in that way before, as I was used to being a superhero who blasts with her fists. And then it ultimately led to me sitting with Dom and having this very surreal conversation.

STG: So, can Tess help Dom and his family?
Brie: Well, it’s complicated. The answer is yes and no. I mean, this is where some of the story gets interesting because she’s going rogue, doing things on her own. And they discuss what the plan will be, which involves asking her to do something that is basically impossible, but Tess agrees to do it because she wants to show up for this family the way her father did.

STG: Why do you think he trusts her for the job?
Brie: Dom has watched her have this fight in the bar, and he knows that she has a strong skill set and a strong mind. I think he is very good at sizing people up. So, if it’s an impossible task and she can get it done, then she’s family for life.

STG: And how does she feel about the task at hand?
Brie: I think she’s reticent because it’s a big thing to ask of her, and it’s going to require a lot of thought and effort, while also putting herself at risk. But that’s how Tess shows who she is and that she’s willing to go to those lengths.

Fast X

STG: How was it for you to work with this extraordinary group of actors?
Brie: It was amazing! I was totally welcomed and immediately invited to hang out with them at dinners and barbeques. They were so fun, easy, and down to hang. They’ve all known each other for many years and been through a lot together, and they’ve been playing these characters for so long that they have all this deep knowledge. So, I was the new kid at school, excited to sit at the same bar as them, drinking tequila and picking their brains.

STG: And what did director Louis Leterrier bring to the table?
Brie: Louis is awesome! He was there for me from the very beginning and helped me make character choices that I felt strongly about. Louis Leterrier was able to come in and create this whole vision, but we didn’t have very much time. We both basically landed in London at the same time and dove right into it.

STG: What surprised you the most when you arrived on set?
Brie: I think the whole process is surprising when it’s something that you love and that you get to be a part of. I’ve been doing this since I was a kid, but when you get to be a part of something that you’ve watched your whole life and that you love, it’s special. It’s like you are inside the TV! It’s just a strange thing, and it happened to me.

Fast X is now in cinemas and released by Universal Pictures.

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