Even before lockdown, four in five of the world’s internet users played video games.

Crayator has combined forces with Twitch TV to create cool content with fellow gamers across YouTube (given his radical following of 1.04 million subscribers). That, and working with The Kraken Black Spiced Rumas a Lair Lord.

Cray’s designated lair…

headphones on, moustache twirled (it’s iconic), controller in hand.

We were invited to have a distance chat with Crayator on gaming, lockdown and what exactly is a ‘Kraken Lair Lord’?


Shane: Hi Crayator, thanks for chatting with us here at STG. Tell us a bit about yourself and how you ended up to be a Kraken Lair Lord?

Crayator: I guess I became a Kraken Lair Lord because the work I was doing across Twitch and YouTube was getting noticed. My management team help me to find brands or organisations that are in line with my lifestyle and interests so this felt like the perfect fit! Always helps to personally know and love the brand too. I enjoy becoming more of a brand ambassador rather than just doing one off sponsorships or partnerships. When The Kraken Black Spiced Rum came to me with their ideas I was really keen and excited to work with the other talent they put forward. Being a Lair Lord really stood out to me as something new and I was super excited to get involved.

Shane: Following on with that question – what IS a Kraken Lair Lord?!

Crayator: We’re celebrating the launch of the new Kraken & Dry and Kraken & Cola premixes, but to me being a Lair Lord is combining my passion for gaming and letting the brand personality feed into everything I do and how I connect with my followers. Kraken feels very laid back and kind of suave to me, everything from the people to the product. That’s what I hope to portray.


Shane: Recently we have all faced or are still facing lockdowns. A time where video gaming was picked up more as people stayed indoors. What’s your advice on staying social and connected online?

Crayator: The internet gives us an unlimited amount of ways to stay connected and meet new people online. Twitter, Instagram, live streaming. They’re all opportunities to reach out to new people and be a little more involved in your community whether it be gaming related or not!

Shane: The PS5 launch is only months away (hopefully), excited or going to wait out the hype and see how the console does first?

Crayator: I always, always wait out hype. I very rarely pre-order if at all and I just wait to see what will come about in terms of reviews. I think the PS5 launch will be great though, I’m confident in it as it’s my console of choice but I still think being a little reserved never hurts. You do not want to jump into the deep end of the river and realise there are rocks, is what I always tell people haha…


Shane: Finally, this year, for gaming has been an interesting one – The Last of Us 2 being one of the biggest titles to release so far. What games releasing in 2020 are on your radar?

Crayator: I am super-excited for Cyberpunk 2077, I adore CD Projeckt Red and I think they are doing their best right now. I actually love that they delayed the game, I think it’s important not to release a game that doesn’t match gameplay demos or ads. It comes across as deceitful otherwise and if publishers or developer teams gave their creators more time to release a game, they would often have a better release, more hype, and greater optics.

Can you believe I still haven’t played the Last of Us – it’s definitely on my radar though!

Shane: Thanks so much for talking with us mate, appreciate it. Carry on within your Kraken Lair.

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