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Apple iPhone 11 Pro
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iPhone 11 Pro Review

iPhone 11 Pro, Apples latest and greatest released with the usual hyped announcements from the California based tech giant. Apple who started the whole smartphone craze back in 2007 began losing their foot... See More...
Nokia 4.2
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Nokia 4.2 Android One Review

Nokia - an enduring and legendary mobile phone manufacturer. Veterans of the industry they took a few hits during the early smartphone war - but now, with HMD Global at the helm, they are back with a venge... See More...
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Huawei P10 Review

After a stellar and local star studded launch event in Auckland City, New Zealand, Huawei released it's next top shelf P Series smartphone to the masses, conjointly with Leica. Built on Android 7.1 the P10 t... See More...

Huawei Mate 9 Review

Huawei, based in China, is the worlds largest networking and telecommunications equipment company that has taken on the Western smartphone market and surprised us all with their epic leap to the elite of mobile... See More...

Xperia XZ Review

What can you say when a device is picture perfect? Sony Mobile have released their high end flagship Android based handset; Xperia XZ which leaps ahead of its current competition. It's fair to say that Xp... See More...

Xperia X Review

The Xperia X is a confusing device.  The sequel to the Z5 but with a new name and sitting in the middle of the series range between the Xperia X Performance and the Xperia XA, I never quite knew what kind of de... See More...

HTC 10 Review

Pioneers who ultimately gave rise to the 'Smartphone' with their Windows Mobile based PDA's waaaaay back in the early 2000's, HTC Corp have never been afraid to try out something a little different, step away f... See More...

Huawei P9 Review

When one camera lens just wont do. Following on from last years astounding success of their P8 Huawei proves they are the supreme challengers in the high end smartphone market, releasing their newest version... See More...