Missing people, lost memories and a red ball of yarn. This sets the stage for EA Games’ new release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One titled Unravel.

From a single roll of red yarn comes Yarny. A lovable silent creature that travels through just over 10 differing Levels set in Sweden.

Unravel takes what makes us human, and how as humans we hold onto memories. But what if those memories were lost?

Through each exceedinly highly detailed and lush environments, Yarny must get through each area capturing lost memories as he goes.

To play Yarny takes some skill. The gameplay is not overly difficult and the entire game is fairly short, with around 8 hours or so, even if you hunt around for all of the hidden collectibles. The lack of difficulty is not a bad thing though. The developers of the game; Coldwood Interactive have made such a stunner of a title that difficulty is at the level of ensuring gamers complete the game and I’m pretty sure that this was by design.


Unravel is essentially a 2.5D side scroller puzzle game. You need to get from Point A to Point B using a restricted amount of Yarn (which you are made up from). Checkpoints are by way of loose bundles of Yarn that Yarny will automatically equip and replenish himself with the end result of each Level being rewarded with a Yarn made trophy, of sorts.

Yarny has the ability to use Yarn as a climbing rope, make a bridge, to swing, latch on to game specific objects and in one area of the game, to swat at mosquitoes.

Real world physics come into play, and this you will need to remember as you get through each Level. Moving environmental objects around can be both beneficial or instant death.

To get through any given Level you will need to logically work out where to tie yourself to, where to abseil from or create a rope bridge to either jump on (an elevated jump) or to slide items across a gap.


Certain environmental elements must be interacted with in order to pass through an area and these are not always explicitly defined, so Unravel welcomes the player to explore and test each and every object.

While there may not be any humans around Yarny does have dangers in almost every corner by way of wild life. From birds to Gophers and fish, they all want a piece of Yarny.

Unravel is a ‘feel-good’ heart warming game about innocence, discovery and bravery. Not a single word is spoken throughout so the soundtrack does the talking in a sense and sets the emotion for Yarny and each area. Every scene, every Level is a new adventure, refreshing and alive.


Unravel was a game that I could not put down and continued to play right through until the end. And you will too.

That said, replaying Unravel might not be on the cards if you finish it. As there is no time limitation, you can wander about and this gives you ample space to locate and get the varied number of hidden goodies (Buttons) within each area for a successful 100% finish.

My hope is that Coldwood Interactive release some DLC’s which expand on the gameplay, as Unravel is a game that should not be forgotten.

Unravel is a masterpiece. A symphony of sound and visuals. Unravel is a game that needs to be played by you.

What do you reckon?
Unravel (Xbox One) Review

Released: February 2016
Rating: PG
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
Developer: Coldwood Interactive
Publisher: EA Games

4.7Overall Score
Reader Rating 3 Votes