The problem with Hell is there are too many humans.

Running rampant, having parades, events, warm fuzzy celebrations, humans have taken over and made Hell their own.

How did it get to this? Where did you lose control? You are the Lord of Darkness afterall, right?

Maybe another drink of MILK will help to console your failures…

Big Drunk Satanic Massacre

Big Drunk Satanic Massacre, er… BDSM for short, sees you take on the role of the Prince of Hell as he battles human-friendly beasts and frees Hell-friendly Imps, with the intention of reclaiming your Kingdom.

In isometric view you will go through differing levels of Hell, and environments, taking out waves of enemies, picking up weaponry and items as you go.

Weapons have short life spans once you begin using them and are assigned to hot keys on the D-Pad of your Switch.

Big Drunk Satanic Massacre

To keep yourself going and alive (Satan can die??!!) you will need to find Drink Vending Machines – which spit out a green alcohol called MILK that Satan seems to love so much.

Peppered with mini-games within and inbetween Levels BDSM ramps up the hilarity and fun factor a thousand times over.

On ‘full mode’ where nothing in the game is cautioned, you may want to play this with headphones or if playing on docked mode, with like-minded friends around (or go it solo).

Big Drunk Satanic Massacre

I made the mistake of not having headphones connected and playing through BDSM while on a plane. Suddenly an interactive heated love… um… bonding session with a demon came up. You can only imagine the sounds that were coming from my Switch. True story.

You will encounter other NPCs throughout play and likely they are going to need your help. Assisting them is usually beneficial and throwing an RPG flavour you are able to make some game directive decisions when you encounter the opportunity to take a side task.

Big Drunk Satanic Massacre

BDSM is something that will not be for everyone (I never thought I’d get to say that in a game review!). Player warning – there is explicit content and while you can censor it, doing this removes what this title is all about.

If you have an open mind, like a good dungeon crawler and gun’n’run Big Drunk Satanic Massacre is totally an indie game not be passed up.


Big Drunk Satanic Massacre
Big Drunk Satanic Massacre (Switch) Review
Game Details

Released: October 2019
Rating: R18
Platforms: Nintendo Switch
Genre: Action
Developer: Big Way Games
Publisher: Big Way Games

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