This year’s (2024) Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra not only has built-in AI unlike anyother smartphone, ever, it is also the best travel companion you can own.

On a trip to Kenya, East Africa I left with a Galaxy S24 Ultra in my pocket, thanks to Samsung NZ.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra has some killer camera specs. I wont go over in detail, as we reviewed the phone a few months back, but to summarise you’ve got 200 MP wide as your main lens, a 10 MP telephoto, 50MP periscope telephoto), and 12 MP and super steady video recording up to 8K with the rear camera array.

Not too mention x100 zoom.

So I knew that I was set for a professional quality series of snaps as I travel about.

Kenya - Giraffe

But also, I wondered how the Galaxy S24 Ultra would endure between charges. The smartphone has a 5000mAh battery and when I reviewed the device I was able to get one to two days without needing a charge. But the adventure I was about to set off on I knew there would be moments where I may have to go a few days without charging.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and me headed out in to the heart of Kenya, where the wildlife roam and own the lands… and you are prey.

Kenya - Lions

From the base of Mount Kenya to the reserves, the journeys were long but well worth it.

From close-up snaps to using the x100 zoom the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra performed and really showed why this device is the king of all mobile photography.

The sheer performance never let me down and surprisingly, given that I was I snap-happy tourist, neither did the battery with me squeezing two days from a single full charge (yep I did take a battery pack everywhere incase, but only needed to use it once).

Kenya CBD skyline

Catching extreme detail in non-zoom photo’s, the ones where I had to use the zoom function still turned out, even to my surprise, fully rich with striking vividness.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra honestly blew away my expectations on all fronts, especially the camera and while there were other tourists taking pics with giant digital cameras and some seriously looking professional large lenses, I was there with a professional grade camera that I could put in my pocket.

Kenya - Zebra

Another feature of the Galaxy S24 Ultra is the live translation.

Being in a country where English is not the first language, and being remote most of the time where English is not spoken at all, using the translation function from Swahili to English and vice versa helped. It wasn’t perfect to be honest, but a very helpful tool to have on hand. I managed to get by without embarrassing myself.

Kenya - Cattle

Whether you’re about to set off on a wild adventure, or just looking for a smartphone that to use back at home that is going to give you the highest quality pictures to the likes of a professional studio, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is definitely the smartphone to have.

It will keep up with you, whether you’re traveling internationally, locally… or somewhere as far off as East Africa, it’s the perfect all-rounder and most definitely ensures that your holiday memories are captured as they happened, as you remember them in crystal clarity and utmost detail.

No phone right now has the camera chops that the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has.

What do you reckon?