Akira was one of those classic movies that I have always meant to see but never got around to.

Released in 1988 it has inspired so much anime and other art thanks to its unique themes and ideas, so I had 32 years to watch it before seeing it for the first time in 4K at the movies last year.

Now watching it for a second time on Bluray I have to say, the benefit of re-watches does not go amiss with Akira.

Akira - Anime

Akira is a movie that I found to have three distinct phases. The first has us being introduced to a biker gang and their life getting up to mischief, then there is a phase where we meet some mysterious characters with a lot of powers and we see one of the biker gang members unlocking similar powers.

Then round three shit goes off the wall where, well even now I don’t want to spoil it if you haven’t seen the movie before because for the weird change of tone, I dug it.

One of the things I noticed on the first watch was the weird pacing. The first two phases can drag out and then so much happens at the end of the movie. On subsequent watches I noticed a lot more in those initial scenes, though it still would have benefited from moving a touch faster.

Every time I watch this movie though, I actually find I like it a lot more, sure it has its flaws but I have genuinely enjoyed it more every time I have watched it.

This is certainly a benefit if you’re dropping the coin on the Blu-ray release as you can keep re-watching and enjoying this gem.

Speaking of this release, it comes with three discs.

The first is the Bluray copy, the second is the UHD Bluray copy which is the best way to watch if you have a player, and a bonus disc. This bonus disc has a few features but the most interesting was observing a bit about the music and how it was touched up.

It was only after watching this that when I re-watched the movie again I noticed the music is truly unique, outstanding, and does a lot of the hard work to add the unique feel of the movie.

Akira - Anime

The package is especially cool.

The movie case itself is slightly slimmer which allows it to sit beside a cool little art / behind the scenes book inside the hard case. Because of the reduction of size the hard cover case is about the normal size of a Bluray disc which lets it look extra awesome on a shelf of Blurays.

Akira is an absolute classic that does stand up to the time.

The best way to watch and hear this movie is the 4K format and this package as well as looking tidy lets you watch on whatever player you have available.

Honestly, the package is a no brainer.

Akira - Anime
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