A family moving town to start a new life, escaping the stresses of the past and on a path forward.
A family still with some friction and baggage.

But all of that doesn’t compare to what happens when they enter a small town called Two Rock.

After being run off the road the small family find themselves as hostages via three lawless brothers on the run from the local Sheriff.

What plays out is how you determine it will.

As Dusk Falls is a semi cell shaded game that uses QTE and singular action prompts to get you through the story. And what a tale it is.

You’ll make decisions which need timely responses.

What you decide in any situation directs the narrative and events either immediate or down the track.

Not only this but at the end of each chapter, you’re awarded badges on your play style, your morals and whether you’re a quick thinker or like to contemplate first.

Having played the first two chapter preview of As Dusk Falls thanks to Microsoft supplying a preview code I was initially apprehensive when I saw the storybook like scene swipes, thinking this game might be a chore to play through.

My apprehension was not needed. Literally you’ll feel fear, adrenaline and emotions ramp up as you progress.

As Dusk Falls is done well, extremely well.

The game gives you the option to use your Xbox controller or your smartphone. The QTEs are swipes and button mashing, or single click.

So it’s really up to you whether you’re keen to use a smartphone screen with the games accompanying app or controller.

For me I found the Xbox controller to be the easiest as it gives you that tactile feedback. Necessary when you need to make super quick decisions.

You can also invite other players in to your story with an invitation code.

As Dusk Falls is highly emotional and even the hard nose, die hard gamer is sure to feel something. You’ll engage with the characters, sympathising, empathising and disliking them without even knowing it.

And you’ll get so invested in it that you’ll work through chapter to chapter without stopping.

As Dusk Falls is a game you need check out, releasing on the 19th of July 2022.

What do you reckon?