You are a Valorian knight. A warrior, a legend… and the last of your kind.

Injured, you must regain all of the Valorplates throughout expansive worlds in a game like no other. An RPG, looter, hack n slash, melee combat title from Epic Games.

You’re path to ascend through the 12 elemental realms to reach a God gone mad; Macros, will have you looting and bashing through foes with an insane amount of collectibles.


In all there are three planets that you will visit – but across these three there are a multitude of areas that you will visit.

Loot that you gain will be different every time as the stats are randomly generated – and the RPG aspect of Godfall is probably one of the easiest to manage your gear in that I have encountered so far in my years of RPG gaming.

There is some solid gameplay here, although the single player Campaign is relatively short at 10 hours. So I liken the Campaign mode to a practice run for online.


Gearbox have truly taken a gamble with Godfall as it is the first of it’s kind multi genre game, however it has paid off and for those that find it a bit repetitive and grindy, that’s expected in any RPG title reminiscent of Destiny, Warframe or even Monster Hunter.

Godfall is damn good. A satisfying play, made better though if you play across the PSN.

Godfall (PlayStation 5) Review
Game details

Released: November 2020
Rating: M15+
Platforms: PlayStation 5
Genre: RPG, Melee, Looter
Developer: Counterplay Games
Publisher: Gearbox

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