Videogame publisher Rising Star Games announced today that Trailblazers, the revolutionary co-op arcade racing game, will be made available for the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch at physical retail in September 2018.

The game will on the same date also be made available digitally for the Nintendo Switch for the first time.

To celebrate, both the boxed and digital versions of Trailblazers on the Nintendo Switch will pack in extra content, including brand new racer ‘Boo’s Dad’ as well as increased single-player content available straight out of the gate.

Experience vibrant visuals, mesmerizing track designs, and the scorching sensation of speed where players use the on-track game mechanic of painting the track to create boosting lanes for each team. Racing together in teams of up to three, gamers will cover key areas of the racing line as well as painting over opponents’ painted paths to gain the advantage for their team. Racers who drive with flair and style will also amass skill points to blaze their way to victory!

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