There’s no denying that Samsung’s A Series offers value for money.

Whether you go to the higher end, like the Galaxy A55, or opt for the more price friendly lower device, you’re still going to get some impressive specs for your dollars.

Samsung’s Galaxy A35 5G is of similar ilk to it’s bigger sibling, having the vivid AMOLED 6.6 inch display with a 120Hz refresh, a 128GB internal storage (expandable by way of microSD card), but with a lesser 6GB RAM.

Samsung Galaxy A35 5G

Getting you through your daily tasks and photo snaps is a Exynos 1380 processor. Which is enough for light to average users.

The Galaxy A35 5G is not a phone built for console quality mobile gaming though, as it struggled with even the lighter side of high quality games.

But if you’re in the market for a Galaxy A35 5G you’re probably not going to play much more than a light casual game on your phone every now and then. And for this, it’s fine.

Samsung Galaxy A35 5G

Camera chops are impressive.

There’s three cameras at the back, a 50MP wide main camera, joined with a 8MP ultra-wide and a 5MP macro.

The x10 zoom doesn’t tend to lose focus or become grainy and the macro shots are superb.

Night time was okay in a pitch black setting but reminiscent of the same results I experienced with the Galaxy A55.

Samsung Galaxy A35 5G - Macro mode

Samsung Galaxy A35 5G – Macro mode

For your breathtaking selfies you have a decent 13MP lens. And within the handful of camera modes on offer, is ‘Fun’ mode. Clearly this is slated at a certain demographic.

Both front and rear record vids at 4K. Now when you compare that to other way more expensive models and brands, the Galaxy A35 an excellent vloggers smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy A35 5G - Fun mode

Powering the Galaxy A35 5G is a 5,000mAh battery.

Interestingly I was able to get more longevity from the Galaxy A35 5G than I did it’s more beefier sibling.

While hardcore gaming was an almost no-go, day to day use got me through a couple of days real easy.

Samsung Galaxy A35 5G - x10 zoom

Samsung Galaxy A35 5G – x10 zoom

If you’re a bit more on the lighter side with your smartphone use, the Galaxy A35 5G should get you through a few days, making it super reliable.

The Galaxy A35 5G is designed for the either the younger market, or those that are not going to do anything too heavy on their smartdevice. It will definitely keep up with you day and night and offers up some very impressive mobile photography results at a very low price point.

Samsung Galaxy A35 5G
Samsung Galaxy A35 5G (2024) Review
Device details

Released: March 2024
Device Name: Samsung Galaxy A35 5G
Chipset: Exynos 1380
Memory: 6GB
Internal Storage: 128GB
Camera: F: 13MP. R: 50MP wide, 8MP ultra-wide, 5MP macro
Battery: 5,000 mAh

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