Netgear has combined the capabilities of the popular and award-winning Orbi Tri-band Mesh WiFi system with a 4G LTE Advanced mobile connection to provide an alternative when traditional wired internet – cable, fibre or DSL – connections are limited or unavailable.

This latest Orbi Mesh WiFi solution by NETGEAR comes in the form of the Orbi 4G LTE Advanced WiFi Router (LBR20), the industry’s first tri-band mesh system with LTE-A Cat 18 modem technology, which is perfectly suited for those who experience limited or no access to traditional wired broadband or require a network connection for shorter time frames. It offers a reliable network access for rural or outback areas with limited options for traditional wired internet connections, providing high-speed internet for learning, work and streaming. Also, ideally suited for those who have holiday homes where year-round connectivity is not a requirement, the Orbi 4G LTE Advanced WiFi Router has the flexibility to provide internet access when needed.

Netgear Orbi Mesh 4G LTE

Additionally, the Orbi router can be used in conjunction with an existing wired service to provide a fail over, ensuring internet connectivity is consistent and uninterrupted. With 1.2Gbps over 4G LTE Advanced and the high-performance tri-band AC2200 WiFi, this new Orbi Mesh WiFi router is powered to provide an uninterrupted network connection for the smart connected home or small business.

“Today, we are living in an era defined by our ability to stay connected, as many of us are working and learning from home,” said David Henry, senior vice president of Connected Home Products for NETGEAR. “We have designed the Orbi 4G LTE Advanced Router to address this demand for uninterrupted internet access with its capability to provide connectivity over both 4G LTE as well as traditional wired network connections.”

Netgear Orbi Mesh 4G LTE

With an integrated Cat 18 modem, the Orbi LTE Advanced Router will work with a SIM card from any local 4G LTE network provider. The sleek and modern design with its high-gain internal antennas will reach up to 185m2 of WiFi coverage and can be easily extended by pairing with any Orbi Tri-band WiFi 5 (802.11ac) satellite to create a mesh WiFi system. The Orbi LTE Advanced Tri-band router features a patented dedicated wireless backhaul between the router and satellites to provide a robust uninterrupted data connection to extend the reach by an additional 185m2 for each satellite added to the system. With the benefit of a single WiFi network name (SSID), uninterrupted seamless connectivity is supported while roaming from room to room.

As part of the Orbi family of mesh WiFi systems, the Orbi LTE Advanced Router can also be paired with additional satellites such as Orbi Voice or Orbi Outdoor to gain greater coverage and additional features, such as a smart speaker with Alexa voice assistant. The Orbi app makes it easy to get started with a quick installation, providing access from anywhere to manage and monitor your Orbi home network.

Netgear Orbi Mesh 4G LTE

The Orbi LTE Advanced Router also includes the option to add NETGEAR Armor powered by Bitdefender and Circle Smart Parenting Controls to the user’s network.

To safeguard the home network in this time of heightened online activity, NETGEAR Armor powered by Bitdefender on the Orbi Mesh WiFi Systems provides award-winning cybersecurity designed to protect all internet-connected devices within the home from viruses, malware, stolen passwords and identity theft, whether at home or on the go. NETGEAR Armor is complimentary for a 30-day trial period. After the trial period, a yearly subscription is required in order to continue protecting connected devices.

Circle Smart Parenting Controls is the smart way for families to manage content and time online, on any connected device. With the app, parents can easily create daily time limits for apps and websites, set filter levels for each family member and pause internet by device or by family member.

Orbi 4G LTE Advanced WiFi Router is now available.

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