Samsung Galaxy Buds
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Galaxy Buds Review

Alongside the release of Samsung’s first flagship smartphone release this year, the Galaxy S10, the tech giant also released an ensemble of wearables. One of those being the very forward thinking, innovative...
Surface Headphones Microsoft

Surface Headphones Expand their Launch

Microsoft have excitedly announced to us here at STG that their new Surface Headphones will be available in New Zealand beginning in March 2019. It’s been an exciting start to the year for Surface. In Januar...
Edifier S2000 Pro
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Edifier S2000 Pro Speakers Review

Edifier's recently released S2000 Pro speakers confused me a bit. Are they purely bluetooth bookshelf speakers or a top shelf studio / industry level sound system? They are truly THAT good. Edifier have...
JBL Free X

Free Yourself this Xmas!

Harmon has announced announce the JBL Free X, a truly wireless in-ear headphone. The cord-free earbuds encourage music lovers to break up from wires and neckbands for truly unrestricted movement, whether on...
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Audio pioneers since 1927, JBL have been one of the top shelf personal audio brands for nearly a century. This history and adaption to new technologies comes through each and every product that they produc...
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Xperia Ear Duo Headset Review

Sony’s Xperia Ear Duo kit turns what you think you want from a pair of premium wireless earbuds on its head. Of late I seem to be the go-to guy when it comes to wireless earbuds. Ironically, I usually like...

Instantly familiar. Simply advanced.

Logitech has announced to us here at STG that their latest keyboard and mouse combo, the Logitech MK545 Advanced Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo. The full-size keyboard features a familiar key shape, layou...

NetGear Releases New Nighthawk

NETGEAR is proud to announce the launch of Nighthawk Pro Gaming (NPG) XR 500 WiFi router in Australia, designed to cut lag and enhance gameplay to provide a whole new level of speed, performance, personalisatio...
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Sennheiser Momentum Free Inner Earphones Review

Back when headphone manufacturers just made headphones, Sennheiser took the lead and produced German engineered audio exquisite-ness. Elite personal audio for the masses and to this day, Sennhieser continues...
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Sony WH-1000X M2 Wireless Headphones Review

Tune out and rock out. Wirelessly with Sony's smartest headset yet. The full sized over ear Sony WH-1000X M2 Headset is built for music aficionados who prefer to block out the world around them and lose them...