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Cost effective video gaming peripheral manufacturer SADES has released a new line of headsets, from the Pro to the basics.

Their newly released Spirits model would come under the no frills end of the spectrum, being that it sticks to its core functionality and does this well.

Being the no bells and whistles model does not mean that it is a ‘budget’ headset in a technical sense.

Sades Headset

Sleek in all black (also available in Blue, Red, Pink and White), the SADES Spirits headset has 50mm dedicated drivers builtin for supreme gaming audio (and music too). The Spirits does not discriminate as to your video gaming weapon of choice either. From PC, to Mobile, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One – even the mighty Nintendo Switch, all will work due to the 3.5mm pin connection.

My preference was to use the SADES Spirits on PC and Switch, due to the need to be wired it. Both video gaming platforms worked totally as expected and you’ll experience HQ audio to the likes of the more expensive competing models. Low rumbles through to vocal clarity.

The omnidirectional boom mic is exactly what you need, has good feedback and is not obtrusive while in the throes of battle. Controls are placed on the left side ear-cup for on the fly and in the heat of action functionality.

High quality and hard wearing durable plastic headband and leather muffs make the Spirits comfy to wear for longer eSports and online frenemy bouts.

Sades Headset

Being slightly smaller than the more known gaming headsets, the SADES Spirits is an ideal unit to game on the go. For this reason it would have been more convenient if the Spirits headset was foldable, to stow away in a bag, but alas, it doesn’t.

SADE’s Spirits is a no fuss all game, easy to use headset that for a Pro would be ideal as a spare, or a first headset for someone just getting in to online gaming and eSports.

At a mere $50.00 NZD, my only question is why wouldn’t you grab one of these?

Sades Spirit Headset Review
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Final Verdict
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