SteelSeries, the global leader in gaming peripherals and the makers of the first mechanical gaming keyboard, today announce the world’s most customizable mechanical gaming keyboards with fully adjustable actuation switches – the Apex Pro and Apex Pro TKL.

The Apex Pro allows gamers to adjust the distance it takes for each key to register a key press, helping them to play more accurately and quickly. This first-of-its-kind keyboard will automatically change between sensitivities when starting up a game like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and another for everyday productivity tasks.

Generally, typing enthusiasts and some gamers prefer a lower, longer actuation point (3.6mm) for accuracy, while other prefer a higher actuation point as sensitive as 0.4mm for speed. The Apex Pro’s Patented OmniPoint adjustable actuation switches uses magnetic sensors to allow gamers to choose the exact sensitivity of their keys. Powered by SteelSeries Engine, the Apex Pro can automatically change sensitivity when starting up a game like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and another for everyday productivity tasks. The magnetic sensors also provide a significantly faster response time than traditional mechanical switches, making the Apex Pro the world’s fastest and most responsive keyboard.

SteelSeriesApex Pro TKL

“Innovation in the keyboard switch market has grown dramatically stagnant over the past decade,” said Ehtisham Rabbani, SteelSeries CEO. “With our new, patented technology inside the OmniPoint switches, gamers finally have the option to use a single keyboard for everything from gaming to content creation and more. The Apex Pro is the only keyboard on the market that can adapt to the specific needs and preferences of every gamer.”

Alongside the new OmniPoint switches, the new Apex Pro line sports an integrated OLED Smart Display. The Smart Display not only allows for instant notifications from apps like Discord, Spotify, and games like CS:GO and Dota2, but also allows users to customize their actuation point directly from the keyboard. While users can experience greater customization through SteelSeries Engine software, it is not required to customize the sensitivity of the keyboard.

SteelSeriesApex Pro TKL

In addition to the OLED Smart Display, the Apex Pro line also features a clickable metal roller and media key that allows users to adjust volume and settings on the fly. These inputs can be further customized in SteelSeries Engine.

The Apex Pro line is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum for a lifetime of unbreakable durability and sturdiness and features dynamic per-key RGB lighting that can be synced up with other SteelSeries peripherals. Apex Pro also has five on-board profiles so users can save their settings directly on the keyboard, a USB passthrough port for an easy-to-reach USB connection, three-way cable routing under the frame and both models come with a premium magnetic wrist rest for extra comfort.   

The Apex Pro is available in both a full-size and compact ten keyless (TKL) variant.

SteelSeries is also announcing the Apex 7 and Apex 7 TKL. Both keyboards are physically identical to the Apex Pro line, but instead of the OmniPoint adjustable actuation switches, gamers can choose between standard Red, Blue or Brown switches. The Apex 7 and Apex 7 TKL allow gamers to choose their preferred size and switch feeling.

For more information about the Apex Pro line and the complete line of SteelSeries’ keyboards, visit their Official Website.

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