For those out of the loop, Pokémon is a RPG style game where, you the trainer, explores a region of the Pokémon universe battling and catching Pokémon to eventually complete a set of challenges created for Pokémon Trainers while thwarting whatever nefarious plans that a team of villains has cooked up.

As for most generations of Pokémon games there is always an updated re-release that provides a few new extra bits and pieces for the latest generation of Pokémon and for Sun / Moon there is now Pokémon Ultra Sun / Moon.

These updated versions can sometimes feel a bit stale and just too similar to the original to pick up and actually complete another entire play through. This, however, is not the case with Pokémon Ultra Sun / Moon as it not only has numerous new features, it does a decent job of implementing these well enough to provide a fresh and just as enjoyable experience.

For one, there is a different selection of Pokémon available not mention more to catch.

This alone already helps provide players with a different experience to that of the original. I honestly enjoyed rebuilding my team of Pokémon from the fresh selection provided. This bigger collection of Pokémon also extends to the Legendaries available as a combination, between Ultra Sun and Moon – every Legendary can be caught. While the original and iconic Legendaries, Solgaleo and Lunala, remain the same to maintain the spirit of a change, they now have new forms and new Z-moves to accompany them further expanding on unique experiences this version has to offer.

There are several other additions, some minor and some major. Some of the more major alterations include the expansion in the story, new characters, a new trial and just more to do later in the game. It provided enough new story content to keep me surprised at well placed intervals. There is also a few new variations to the Totem Pokémon trials which once again helped provide a fresh experience rather than a stale old one. It is all another aspect that I find as a welcome addition.

On the minor additions list, Rotom Pokedex has a small selection of new features from the Roto Loto, that can provide temporary power ups that with enough friendship gained, will enable your Pokémon to utilise the Z-Power twice in one combat.

While catching them all is always the primary objective, Ultra Sun / Moon introduces another collectibles with totem stickers. These aren’t the be all and end all but it was an enjoyable little extra collection to obtain along the way that even contributes to the primary goal.

The reward for collecting these is of course more Pokémon, specifically Totem Pokemon.

Another small extra is the Mantine mini game which allows you to traverse between some islands by surfing on a Mantine the whole way. During which you need to surf the waves while racking up points for tricks and navigating obstacles. These award you Beach Points that can be spent on Stat improvement items or a selection of moves for your Pokémon. Once again it was a pleasant surprise to play and is not essential after the first go. So, if you aren’t a fan you don’t have repeat the experience.

As far as Ultra Moon verses Ultra Sun, the key difference is the selection of Pokémon available to you. You may want to check that out prior to purchase but honestly, I wasn’t too concerned with the exclusive Pokémon anyway. I found the regular variety was well catered for and a delight to discover along the way.

One thing I did find with this version was that it provided more of an overall challenge. Where previously I could speed through with flying colours with just the starter Pokémon, with Pokémon Ultra Sun / Moon I found it necessary to grind and really build a up a good Pokémon team to complete the trials and progress through the game. I found this honestly to be the most enjoyable change.

Pokémon Ultra Sun / Moon is a delightful addition to the series that builds on nicely to the foundation set by the first instalment(s), Sun and Moon. This entry to the series is a vast improvement and provides a different experience from the first. I loved playing through it and actually found it overall to be a more enjoyable experience than the first. There is enough new content to keep old players entertained and I would happily recommend this fabulous instalment in the Pokémon franchise.


Pokémon Ultra Moon (3DS) Review
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Released: December 2017
Rating: PG
Platforms: Nintendo 3DS / 2DS
Genre: RPG
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo</p

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