Tripzy Leary Introduces his latest file of cyberdelic frequencies. After a few years of evolution since his release on Liquid Stranger’s WAKAAN label.

We were brought on a journey to Planet Mycelium where we were confronted with chaotic alien species. Moving forward after many months of visiting Planet Mycelium. We geared up and started moving towards Cyberdelics “Cyberspace” There we will explore the unimaginable realms of a multiverse reality. A space where butterfly minds can stay in flight. 

Tripzy Leary - Cyberspace album

On the billion year voyage to higher intelligence. The Cyberdelics federation seek out planets with evolutionary delay, dismantling any political forces who deceptively manipulate a specific species of DNA seeded across the universe. Terraforming all cultural EGO control systems surrounding these gene pools. Their objective is making sure all metamorphosis processes are granted successful. The human butterfly is the extra terrestrial. The destiny of any evolved extra terrestrial species is to migrate closer to the main source of higher Intel. Located near the center of each collective galaxy.

Tripzy Leary - Cyberspace album

Cyberspace is a tool for Intelligence Increase. Life Extension. “S.M.I2.L.E” describes a list of achievement set forth by the federation. After a planet has been terraformed, the arrival of the special forces Convoy is initiated to gather information and secure the DNA for future Space Migration into the 2020’s. These half mutated caterpillars with butterfly technology gear up to flutter over to Cyberdelics’ “Cyberspace”.

A Virtual Reality Frontier for our future and our imaginations.

Cyberspace is now available for pre-order.

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